@ReverendGuimo That sticker was produced by Dr. @philo Drummond. The SubGenius Foundation has distributed them, I've distributed them, and now YOU have distributed them. "Bob" gets around! Can you get around "Bob" ?

Can you stand to be around other SubGenii??? Then check out the X-Day 2020 info at...

:jrbd: subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devi

Found this in the break room of my job but I didn't leave this here because I never owned this sticker....

The barbed scorns of life will dissipate in the numbing glow of Zontar

@Shitlord What is this man's secret?

It's no secret, friend.

He's a SubGenius.

:jrbd: :stld: subgenius.com

When you join the Church of the SubGenius, two things happen. First, everything you like becomes part of your “Clench” as a moral good, an aesthetic treasure and a self-consistent spiritual truth system. Second, everything you don’t like becomes BAD and EVIL and is a ‘bad apple’ to be cast out. Who wouldn’t want that kind of slack?

Oh, and you also get to ride on a flying saucer to leave the earth forever on July 5th.

:jrbd: subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devi

Thank you to Rev. @drshoggoth for technical assistance in setting up the virtual X-Day (VEX-DAY) for this final year of life on earth.


New to the Fediverse? This is one map of what you see and what you can not see (thanks to @cassolotl for graphic)...

A SubGenius will sometimes consider the past and have a feeling of contentment and enjoyment. Sometimes this is a memory of an experience, sometimes a consideration of circumstances the SubGenius never knew. Nostalgia in its most pure form.

But what happens when the Conspiracy gets ahold of it? It becomes distorted, frightening, or worse yet - something you think you need to "buy" and "own."

The Saint of Sales, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, had a name for that crime.


:jrbd: subgenius.com

There are perfectly honest people who do not feel they've lived until they've cheated a salesman.

Are you one of them? Find out.


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