Last Ugly Head update for the night. I was going for "creepy gold idol" in this one and I think I nailed it. But that's just my ego talking.

GOODNES! is now available in an e-z-2-c blog side-bar edition. How you ask? Don't ask me! Ask @ReverendGuimo or c 4 ur SELF...

I've been doodling all night. Check out my lame-ass drawings! :pp01:


Custom emoji at for...



It's my first attempt, and there may be more, but this is a start. Thanks to @obfuscated for the prompt!

So...there's a Motion I filed in Fed'l ct compelling the Attorney General to show cause why he ought not be held in contempt. According to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, he has 14 days to file his Response. That would be Monday. Monday is a Federal holiday. Gubmint man gone MISS IT. Trust, it is better for him to hold his tongue (and his pen) and miss the deadline thereby waiving any argument or defense than to file a response with the court as a matter of public record in this regard.

@ReverendGuimo Let anybody try to out-stupid the Church of the SubGenius!

I was making the facetious comment that Slack should have just turned to SubGenius imagery for their rebranding and then Nick pulled out his copy of the Book Of The SubGenius and THIS amazing thing leapt out of it.

A dagger stabbing a clock. With stylized wings. Perfect for the chat program designed for you to kill time on at work. Maybe drop or simplify the wings, just the clock and dagger would be pretty striking!

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