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I delivered loads of SLACK to displaced peoples in the Taal volcano area. we went to three evacuation centers and also gave supplies to people who already lived there. :pp01:


(well for now anyway)

It's 5AM and I'm off to go kick the shit out of a volcano. Praise "Bob". :jrbd:

So tomorrow morning I'm heading out to hopefully help some animals displaced by the volcano. We're going to the town most affected by it. I'm pretty nervous if I'm honest. If you'd like to chip in, we'll be buying pet food and supplies for the road.

I'm going to call my volunteering "revenge" from now on. Help me take revenge against the volcano!! :dmnt:

Estonia has this super cool thing called e-residency.

It's a status you can apply for completely online, regardless of where you live, even if you've never set foot in Estonia and never will.

E-residency allows you to open and manage a company in Estonia completely online and remotely.

The idea is that if you live in a country that is really unfriendly to startups, Estonia gives you a plan B to start a company there as easily, or probably more easily as your own country.

(Estonia has the world record for fastest time to open a company, 18 minutes).

Estonia isn't a bad place to open a business in. It only has a 20% corporate tax (and 0% on reinvested profits apparently). It's #1 in Europe startup friendliness, #2 in internet freedom, "Very Easy" Ease of doing Business score, and even #12 in ease of paying taxes.

If anyone in Dobbs.Town tuned in last night thank you. If you didn't hear the first show ever with @Pouchi you missed out. It's ok though, she's agreed to be on again sometime in the future

Food, water, clothes, toiletries, pet stuff; we got a lot of stuff here. I think it's a local church. They're making like packs of stuff for people and families affected by the volcano. There's so many people here I don't fit in the space where they're putting stuff together lol

"Bob" :jrbd: will lead me where I can do the most damage, and JHVH-1 :fst0: will do the rest. :abmb:

found some Stark Fist powder to keep me caffeinated during my volunteer work. :fst0: :pp01: :dmnt:

The work ahead of me is serious stuff, but I thankfully have all my credentials with me. I'll make the End Times fun even if it kills me.

A good hefty bag of meds. The folks at Watson's pharmacy did us a solid and gave us every discount they could since they know we'll be giving this away to volcano victims.

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