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She-Hulk is getting her own show and nerds are taking to social media to complain about Marvel making Hulk a female to satisfy feminists. HOW ARE YOU A MARVEL FAN, YET HAVE NO CLUE WHO SHE-HULK IS?! Back to your caves, people.

So far I've walked 4.3 miles from Main Street Flushing to Woodside. Saw some nice stuff along the way.

Gonna walk across Queens today. Sporting my softest pair of Crocs for the occasion lol.

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Important note 🌸💛🌺

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In the olden times, our Finger Monsters were in black and white... AND WE LIKED IT!


So after hours upon hours of cleaning and obliterating fruit flies, I've realized I've probably inhaled so much bug spray I don't need to get high via my normal methods.

Gnite everyone!

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spotted: middle-aged asian man with extremely hurtful shirt

This is something special to me. When the new MLP show premiered years ago my pony obsessed friend asked me to go to meets with her. Long story short I sarcastically made my own character who was miserable and toxic looking 😂

I think I got this keychain last year at Narita Airport when I was waiting for my flight to the Philippines.

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Few failed TV pilots are as horrendous as NBC's 1990 family sitcom dumpster fire "...WHERE'S RODNEY?" about a preteen Rodney Dangerfield fan with the unexplained power to forcefully teleport the comedian to his location to give him life advice. Theme song alone is maximum cringe.

The chapter on how to create everlasting peace was ripped out.

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