Went for a two mile brisk walk at lunch. Might just do this every day for my mental health.

well mutants!! its the time everyone has been waiting for. Welcome To Dobbs.Town!!!!


thank you to everyone who helped make this! couldn't have done it without you guys.

@onan @justjohn @PseudoNovalis @nak @philo

Our own Rev. @negative has just released "Welcome to Dobbs.Town" and if you're quick you can be the first to hear it!


:jrbd: 🎵

Hey, everyone! Be sure to listen to @negative album, Welcome to Dobbs.Town. You will hear me featured on track #3.


Here's a fuckin sweet illustration Houston's library has for its summer reading program

inside joke/prophecy probaby 

"Bob" spotted in Venture Bros. S7E5 "The Inamorata Consequence"

If she's your girl why's she wandering the crumbling halls of my mansion, whispering dark tales of tragedy at sea

Have you taken advantage of the direct message features of dobbs.town ? Cool, comfortable and efficient. SubGenius to SubGenius messages, away from prying eyes. Try it today.

:jrbd: 📫

if you google ‘second impact’ it just pops up on google like a real event

I think we can clone now . . . there doesn't seem to be anyone around

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