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Registration #A94889 - 1936-06-06
Title: Martians investigate this crazy world !
Author: Dietz, Fred L.
Claimants: F. L. Dietz, F. L. Dietz
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A religion founded by a man who is not ignorant of your sins, just indifferent or indulgent. A religion where friendly aliens in UFOs will take you and everyone you like off to a space adventure while everyone you hate suffers hell on earth. A religion where the gods are cruel but you can surf the luck plane out of their grip. A religion that practices complete equality by taking anybody’s money. A “joke” religion. Sound good, or bad? Sounds like...

The Church of the SubGenius

A pattern is observed.

Stories of UFOs (ha ha, weirdo) followed by observations of experimental aircraft (yawn). Stories of satanic daycares (ha ha, weirdo) followed by revelations of Catholic Church child abuse (yawn). Stories of Pizzagate (ha ha, weirdo) followed by arrest and "suicide" of Epstein (yawn).

It's almost as if an exaggerated story is floated first to lessen the impact of a factual event later.

But only a weirdo would notice that pattern.

Ha ha.

If religion is the opiate of the people, be the dope man! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius.


NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1752 - The Nerdistocracy :jrbd:

Peppered with LeMurian seasonings and thinned out with some very old Drs. 4 Wotan stew, this is mostly Dr. Howll, Dr. Stang, Dr. Drummond, doktoring it up at 22X-Day, second day, second show. third of July. Of these three stooges, Stang is the Moe, Philo i…

Today in "be careful what you wish for" 

@Shitlord Lest anyone be confused about the Seven Bladed Wind Breaker, this is the Seven Bladed Wind Breaker.

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