which is the better anime?

what the frick is the fediverse and why are people praising it?

ennui levels are currently at 37% but fluctuating wildly

(37%) ■■■□□□□□□□

Just another hustler, trying to reach the console that wasn't there.

Sometimes, I go sicko mode. Other times, I go slacko mode.


With this software, you can make your own AI-generated works of absurdist video art. Very nice.

Subgenii can achieve the extraordinary feat of transcending gender and manging to keep it to themselves.

The alt-right are evil and part of the conspiracy. They have no slack which is clearly evidenced by their concerns about racial purity. The alt-right is indeed not good.

Random Events Plots are the best plots. Life is a series of unconnected episodes, so so should art, ideally. If your work is comedic, a Random Events Plot is suitably energetic. If your work is dramatic, then it suitably meandering. All the best stories have plots that are limp connective tissue between throught-provoking or emotional moments. That limp, connective tissue? Slack.

If anything I do as a subgenius is justified because I am (1) superior to pinks and (2) signed the thing that said I was justified in doing anything, does that mean I could get away with murder under the watchful eyes of "Bob", Harmony Korine and Jehovah-1 (Praise be to his slack).

@HMLivy i just can't work out why people would pay for really poor art that they can attach to their calendar entries, when MiLk (twitter.com/jokanhiyou) is GIVING BETTER and FUNNIER art away for nothing.

The subgenius twitter account seems to be run by a bunch of conspiracy dopes. Just saying.

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