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You overmen learn this from me: In the market place, nobody believes in overmen.

If you want to speak there, very well! But the mob blinks: "We are all equal. There are no overmen, man is man; Before God we are all equal."

Before God!? But now this God has died, and before the mob, we do not want to be equal. You overmen, go away from the market place!

Remember... If you are confused, you are only one step away from enlightenment.

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Should you encounter a SubGenius in the wild... The most important thing to remember is to never break eye contact. They see this as a sign of weakness and can attack even when unprovoked. For your own safety and well-being, send $35 to The SubGenius Foundation so you may receive remote psychosurgery to open your third nostril. The effluvium released from this minor operation will allow you to whiff-pstench out your own kind and no longer will you be in any danger from that moment on. Why wait!?

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Have you felt your whole life that maybe something is terribly wrong with you?

There is... But that doesn't mean you can't be among friends. Everyone wants to feel normal
and welcome. You can be! All functional mutants, Yeti descendant, frop smokers, and all manner of malcontents are welcome at the Church of the Subgenius, as long as your money's green.

slacking on the toots, here's one from the archives

What are the minimum system requirements to render 1080p video from a computer to an (upscaled) 4k tv with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels?

I can hook my hard drive direct to my TV and play videos without a problem but when I render it through my weak ass stick PC, it stutters, I have a guess as to why this is but it'd be nice to have a verified explanation as to why a glorified android phone with a TV screen is more capable of rendering the same file than a PC with enhanced hdmi.

I scanned the whole country of Austria and this is what I've found
IP cameras, printers, industrial controls to name a few..

Bop It™: "Bob it!"

Me: [ bobs it ]

Bop It™: "Twist it!"

Me: [ twists it ]

Bop It™: "Pull it!"

Me: [ pulls it ]

Bop It™: "Death to the elite, destroy the system, abolish property!"

Me: ...

Bop It™: "..."

Bop It™: "Bop it!"

I just invented a new music genre called the Browns. It's where you play your butt trombone to toot out a sad melancholy melody. I'm going to be known as the great Toot Ellington.

Rev. Ivan Stang ( from "The Big Book of Conspiracies."

@Shitlord @sophia I am absolutely loving the idea of hiding your actual messages inside a mountain of dick pics. This has promise.

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