@Shitlord Its a birdplaaaaaane, a muthafuckin' birdplane!

@Shitlord It's a bird, it's a plane, it's one of those awesome-ass half-robot alien horses from an old Roger Dean painting.


Been trying to find a poster of R.D's -Bedside Manners- poster, with no luck (at a sane price).

@justjohn @Shitlord I've always considered Roger Dean to be the Dali of our era (1970s).

@flugennock @Shitlord
Okay, maybe you're thinking of the melting clocks. But that was meant to provoke with dissonance. Nobody lived in meltingclockworld.
Dean was depicting other worlds meant to look like they fit together.
Also, Dali was in incessant self-promoter. Half of the pics of his stuff have him standing in front. Dean? I've forgotten what he looks like, even if I ever saw a photo.

@justjohn @Shitlord I guess what I'm saying is that Roger Dean reminded me of Dali in that he created worlds which were real, yet unreal, blurring the lines between real space and imaginary space, especially in his famous Yes album covers. His imaginary worlds fit Yes' music so well.

@justjohn @Shitlord True dat. Roger Dean's worlds were pure fantasy, yet they had a kind of solidity which made it so easy to imagine being IN those worlds.

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