Things I liked about 80's/90's computing:
- Total control over my hardware
- Software that worked with me, not against me
- Superior aesthetics (yeah I said it :3 )
- Overall sense of promise and freedom

Things I like about computing today:
- Easy and open access to knowledge
- Insane amounts of storage
- The sheer computing POWERRRR

Now if only we could make these attributes come together instead of being period exclusive. :blobthinking:

@polychrome i'm sad that good ideas make me sad because my brain has been programmed by my experiences to believe good ideas don't happen. Just shitty mitigations to disasters.

@Shitlord when you feel those feels keep in mind that the FOSS movement and The Muppet Show are good ideas that exist :blobnomcookie:


@polychrome sorry, I have been waking up super depressed lately, like a dark cloud of shit. I should do something about that...

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