We internalize the simulation we are presented with, like being read into a character in a book. Our own rigid imagination guides our perception, generating predictable ideas without realizing we never created anything, just dusted something off and called it our own. Given only outmoded expressions that fail to perform even as a bland medium of a culture's desires, we have completed the recipe for empty repetition of the same old stories... Why do you wonder where culture has gone?

Validation of your own motivations is how we measure ourselves to the outside world. How you judge yourself and your own capability to take on difficult tasks, or likewise your aversion to them is determined by your skill in knowing yourself over others.

The con flourishes because they are just normal, everyday, people in a position to make a difference, but they can't see it. They lack the value system that allows them to see their own capability, much less anyone else's. They know not Slack.

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