I am a survivor.

Take it all away. Give me nothing. Kill my hopes. Bind me. Gag me. Pluck out my eyes. You can never take what I won't give you.

You must lose it all to know what any of it is worth. Hurry. Throw it all away so that you can begin learning to accept it all again, as it should be, as a gift only you can give yourself and not another tool used to control you.

We don't have much time and I need you strong for what is ahead.

You are more than your parts alone.

While it may be true that Reverend Shitlord's patented illumination chamber will enlighten any poor soul who enters... It's a well known problem that nearly all who enter there.. Never leave again.

The price for parting the multudinous veils of divinity is high. All those who dare set eyes on the great white light are either instantly sublimated from matter to energy, or marked by our own shortcomings cast out to Earth to serve as a messenger to all those who would follow in foolish footsteps.

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