Using a Mac is mostly about acquiring a good knowledge of Easy+Move and resize, Karabiner, Docker and Vagrant in order to emulate a Linux environment.

What is a .dmg? Is it more like an AppImage? A .msi? A .iso? No one will ever know...

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@strider Disk image files that are stored in the DMG file format and are appended with the . dmg extension are intended as virtual disks for Mac OS X platforms.

@strider both are virtual file systems. They simply proscribe to a different standard.

An ISO file is a common CD or DVD disc image format based on the ISO-9660 standard. It contains an exact duplicate of data from the original disc, which includes the data saved on the disc as well as the filesystem information, such as directory structures, file attributes, and boot code. ISO files are often used for making copies of CDs and DVDs.

Not compressed, just compartmentalized.

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