@onan Brother Onan, your life is important to us. Let us know if you'll be needing one of these.

@onan this will keep you safe from all ires. Not just F.ires, btw. Protects against government r.ays as well.

@Shitlord many thanks. So far so good at this end - terrible smoke but no evacuation order yet.

All who read this should consider what aid they can give those in need who are in their own town.

@onan I can't imagine. The smoke is bad here, but at least I could crack the window last night so it isn't 90 degrees in my place. Sure it's a bit smokey, but it's no firepit exhaust like down there.

@Shitlord glad to report that as of September 13th 2020, in Portland Oregon we've moved back to having air quality that is merely "Very Unhealthy for Entire Population" plus nightly city-wide rioting and of course the global pandemic.

:jrbd: S L A C K

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