Remember the Lod Prayer in times of desperation:

Lord Cthulhu, have mercy on us and eat us before we got THESE on the phone! 😋 🦑

I haven't had a canvassing call for years. It was invariably the LibDems doing the calls. I used to talk to them about what I had for dinner, complain about the weather, describe a nice recipe etc. Basically, I'd talk about anything to waste their time (that way they would have less time to do real canvassing).

I'm probably still marked down on various databases as a raving lunatic.


Well, you *are* on Mastodon, so "raving lunatic" is a good starting point...


Yeah, we are all pretty much raving lunatics around here.

Also: geeks, nerds, queers, trans and assorted weirdoes. And cat lovers. Adorable people one and all.


@ParadeGrotesque @fitheach , aren't we, though? Happy frothing batsheet wackadoodles, and enjoying every twitch, tic, mad scream, and day long obsessive search for the truth in huge graphomaniacal explosions of bibble.

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