I have trained all my life to sit in front of a computer and wait for death #CyberpunkIsNow

Unsure if amused or bemused, at the federated timeline and the host of righties and lefties telling me what I should be thinking right now. Or what I should be super angry about. It is amazing, looking at that, how many people are spending substantial amounts of time telling me how to think and speak and live my life.

It is also interesting how many of them post in a tone as if everyone agrees with them.

That part of it I'm openly jealous of. That seems like a kind of ascended state.

It used to be that spectacles -- or Spectacles -- or The Spectacle -- was an amusing distraction from the mundane repetitive test pattern suburban reality I inhabited, but now somehow the spectacles -- or Spectacles -- or The Spectacle -- has become more banal than the repetitive test pattern suburban reality.

What I should have done is scheduled vacation, gone out in the Great Basin for a week, not used any electronics or looked at any screens, and then come back home, think, "Will knowing what the screens will tell me when I turn them on, really improve my life," not turn on the screens, sell my house, quit my job, and then expand my Zillow search into areas in which electricity and media aren't available. Buy some acres. Not look at screens. Then eat lasagna.

If I were a smart man.

For the first time, something usable came out of a dream the other night where my wife, for whatever reason, was urging me to write a book of aphorisms. There is nothing like laughing right upon waking up. I wish it happened more. Usually when I wake up I immediately feel like I am trapped in a nightmare.

The aphorism from the dream was: "Never resolve to do a thing; for the doing of a thing leads to the doing of other things, and the burden of great labors."

Some years ago, someone - I know not who - borrowed my Book of the SubGenius. I never replaced it. Decided to add it on to my order on amazon.com the other day. The order was paired with some Raspberry Pi kit. Yesterday I received two Rasperry Pi boards - the order having been submitted twice in error.

Now two Books of the SubGenius are on the way. I HAVE NOW BOUGHT THIS THREE TIMES, once because someone blagged it, and now two more because of poor mouse skills.


From the Prodigicorum Acostentorum Chronicon (1557): "Chronicle of Omens and Portents, from the beginning of our world up to present times."

How wind is made.

This book is filled with ludicrous illustrations: archive.org/details/gri_prodig

The dystopian future to which we are plunging will not, I hope, involve the ability to read minds, because when I am at work, especially on long conferences, I lose track of what is going on and voices start to sound like the adults in Peanuts cartoons (mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah) and this song and video play in my head in repeat.

If someone ever looks into my brain and sees this, I don't know what that will ultimately mean for me. But I am wired how I am wired.


I strongly recommend finding a copy of "The Holy Mountain" with a commentary track from Jodorowsky, but only watch the commentary track once you've seen the movie all the way through without it, at least twice.

I can think of no commentary track more useful or additive than this one.

Just a recommendation for those who are fans of this wonderfully strange film.

"If anyone tells you that someone speaks ill of you, do not explain or excuse what is said. Instead, say: 'He does not know all my other faults, else he would not have mentioned only these.'” - Epictetus



Everytime I see dobbs.town in my address bar I think of this song, and start singing it replacing "Hell Town" with Dobbs Town.

In a rare inversion of the norm, my version is substantially better.

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