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Another one of my earlier sculptures titled "Eye of Babylon." The title of said piece is taken from a short story I wrote about a large python named Babylon, trying to survive in a world after the fall of man. The story is currently in the hands of my editor; I hope to have it published sometime before the end of the world.

A picture of my man-clone shamelessly sucking off of Weird Al's awesomeness for 30 seconds.

One of my earliest Ugly Heads that I made for a loved one. 90's Primus claymation is one of my influences.

You'd have an evil grin too, if you had a green dildo stuck to the top of your head!

Another one of my Ugly Head sculptures that I made during the Halloween season last year. His name is Gourdon.

"This is my last resort"
- a frustrated hotel manager, possibly

The earth is hollow. Inside? Helium. When global warming melts the ice, the helium will escape and the earth will blow around like a clown balloon. You have to understand, I'm an expert,

One of my Ugly Head sculptures. I call this one The Baked Potato.

First they came for the shitlords, but you did nothing because you are not a shitlord.


When they came for the gays, I said nothing, because I'm not comfortable with my PENIS fetish.

When they came for the furries, I said nothing, because that's just sick.

When they came for the Fortnite dancers I said nothing, because they DESERVE to die.

When they came for the Weeaboo anime fags, I said nothing, because... because SHUT UP! That's why! just SHUT UP!

When they came for me... I said "What the hell kept you?"

Shameless Plug:

Every few years, I put my twin sister into an armbar and force her to contribute to a horror anthology for charity. Proceeds go to cancer research n' stuff:

jargon is gatekeeping

using big incomprehensible words not easily understood outside your field for concepts you're trying to raise awareness of generally does you no favours if it turns out that word is one of those $5 words that looks obviously cobbled together from Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes

it's telling people you don't really have an interest in spreading your ideas

but why wouldn't you want that if you believe in them?

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