Maybe a lack of exceptional experience, like a lack of psychedelic, fropped or weird experience, or madness - makes one's perception less ZEN - in my life drugs has almost always lead me onto a zen-tweak of perception - the way it made me live in the subconscious, and see nature for its peculiar ZENFULNESS, and shun the mind-cage of the con - to break on through, like in that Doors tune i linked to before.

"Rather than starting inside, I start outside—reach the mental through the physical.”

... OR SLACK, or whatever you wanna call it - there's del facto nothing more important in this world than to lead a life rich in zen - to lead a life of work is a lie, a lie that you should recent to it's full extent - to find that path, and walk along that path in life - OR to get that ultimate-zen by just love living, live one's own life; to love it fully!

Personally i got a thousand reasons to be negative - yet i choose to live by PMA - makes on think of how ungrateful the normals all are..

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It's a world poor in zen - BUT HEY, lets go to the zen-less shopping mall - it's an angry, trivial world full of toil and dire faces marching around the pavement in a dystopian cityscape, of a civilization long since on the wrong path, a path not entirely RICH IN ZEN..

According to my experience we're living in an angry world of angry people...ZEN makes a person genuinely happy, without it a person is never genuinely happy - it's of utmost importance to keep it ZEN, permanently and utterly..

“There are no laws, there are no rules, just grab your friend and love him.”

― Jim Morrison

"How many of you people know you're alive??...BULLSHIT, you're plastic soldiers in a miniature dirt-war!!"

"Into this house we're born, into this world we're a dog without a bone.."

HAIL SATAN! Freedom beyond the god, they all serve for like sheep in a steady soft parade - hail individual freedom, a celebration of life, like being a shooting star - like the ancient, old way of earth - KILL THE FATHER FUCK THE MOTHER! We yetisyns, we didn't crawl out of any rightful womb to serve - we came from mother earth, to live by earth's mystical flow of slack, and like a moth to light we found ourselves drawn to money, sex, frop and THE MYSTICS, and to "Bob".

Life should be total ZEN, right...with bare feet touching the naked, dirty ground - as a hunter, not a slave - we should all live free - no one should work..everyone should live like the wind, experience nature first hand, nestled inside nature's many zones - the many places one can rest and eat from the bounty of the hunt, like in a primitive tribe-- WE SHOULD ALL BE FREE, no one should have to con-work - take it back seekers, be excused to do what you feel like - FOR ALL THE ZEN MUST BE YOURS.

Oh baby
I'm so tired
The man... from the government
The man from the tax board
The man from the public school
The man owns the golden rule, yeah

The world is full of horrible MEN!

My adulthood is just a parade of bad drugs, bad people and bad luck..

BUT, i'm still standing - it can always get worse - so, drugs are out-- well, maybe just a little froppilainen from time to time..

But anyway, i want your saving grace, seekers, yeti-blassings, i want you to hope i get out of the institution in, if not 4month, then at least no later than 11months...

Then i'm gonna take the money i inherit from my sweet daddy, bless his sweet soul, and buy an RV - and just SPLIT the road..

I know...what the Pinks been deprived off, since they were born:

How would we react if someone desecrated "Bob" - or poked fun on this religion, and sawed it by the feet, to criticize it - would anyone of us even CARE??

"Oh, tell me where your freedom lies
The streets are fields that never die"

THE XIANS: What's the point in carrying a thought of their banal god around - that's not how you worship something, that's not a prayer, it's not like you need to figure anything particular to have spiritual fullness - let that shit drift away from the subsistence - so one can find something sacred in this world - besides, we are closer to the sacred earth than the celestial sky--WORSHIP EARTH, beneath your feet - there you find what's sacred, earth is full of shordupersavs, pick one or more .

Apparently, in hindsight, looking at how it all came to be.. The poor human; broken, forced to indoctrinated, adult, negative mentality, never to have squashed that mental bug - to be stupid in a void of slack--ALONE IN A SENSUAL SNUG WORLD, in a stupor, like a kid, drifting like tattered clouds on a tangerine sky, like a child in a neat & sensual stupor, a state of stupidity and ignorance - FOR IGNORANCE IS BLISS, all is broken down into a psychedelic, lonely yeti-bliss

PMA: Travel through this life under the sails of; 'Positive Mental Attitude', and mix it with; 'Following The Path Of Least Resistance' - and your life will be like a breeze, like a stroll through a green, lush and sunny, marvelous park - everything will work long as you got PMA..

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