Hey folks! Here’s a link to the Dr. Yo show on KUSF from 2004. The birthday episode. I contend that these 3 hours to be the finest set list committed to radio airwaves and have listened to this show in it’s entirety hundreds of times, including today. I hope you will enjoy it. Should probably download it as opposed to streaming it. - pass: $DrYo2004$ (this Nextcloud instance enforces pw for link sharing).

Let me know if you have problems or whatever.

@Unabart High praise - downloading now!

Big fan and daily user of NextCloud. As soon as Umber adds a means to do backups, will be setting up a NC in house (again) via...

@onan That OS looks awesome! Reminds me of Yuno, or whatever it’s called. I’ve become so dependent on PiHole that I created one to take on the road with a little GL-Inet travel router. This gives me ad blocking and always-on vpn at any hotel I go to. I’d like to run my own NC instance, but the thought of opening up ports at home isn’t worth the risk. A look at my router logs tells me it would just be a matter of time for a breach. Though having a local NC would probably work better than my NAS.

@Unabart Umbrel puts more burden on the external drive, less on the SD card, SD card being a weak spot on any RPi setup. Has urbit built in, I'm a fan. And yes, a local-only NextCloud is eminently useful.

Many, many places offering 5GB or more free NC hosting. Since they can all federate with each other, that adds up to something amazing. And paid hosting is cheap almost everywhere.

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