I have been neglecting this place. How the hell are ya?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, here is your yearly reminder that Trancers is one of the most fun Christmas movies you'll ever see.

@BarkingPoints Geoff Keighley suffered a concussion at the VGAs when a cameraman, desperate to pan away from someone with a Hong Kong flag, bashed him in the head.

In the inevitable event that Spirit loses the rights from Epic Games, I present the Garrison Evening line of costumes.

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Librem, meta-ish, blocking corporate instances 

Remember a few months ago when someone posted that the fediverse at large needed to be prepared to unanimously ban the first corporate instance that would inevitably try to monetize and corporatize this space?

This is just a reminder that librem.one is here doing just that, and it's really important that they experience instance suspension on a large scale, despite claiming to be about privacy and security.

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For me, it would be vgmusic.com. It predated OCRemix by a lot and had both midi loops of music and the occasional remix.

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Sorry I've been quiet so long, y'all. I've been dealing with one of my roommates relapsing hard, not contributing to the house, and suddenly leaving us to go back to rehab, right when bills are due.

We're hurting for money now. I've had to pay his share of groceries myself most of the time, and between that and the bills that have already come due I'm broke.

Anything y'all can do to help out for the next couple days would be awesome. I just need to make it through to payday, on Friday. I hate asking for money, but I'm not left with a lot of choice.

So, my Cashtag is $Seylerius. I could provide people with Paypal if they prefer that. Boosts are obviously welcome.

Thanks, y'all.
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@drwho @thegibson Thinking on this more, we need to just accept that like about 25% of the American public is essentially monarchist in their thinking and they're going to stay that way. They literally don't have the same values, and in fact would be happy with fundamentally nixing democracy.


In partnership with the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but also not trying to be too obvious, Sonic Drive-In unveils its very own OC: Tots. However, they were forced to immediately take it down not due to outrage but due to the insane amount of porn that it generated.

@BarkingPoints @AxelLycan

In order to make President's Day into a real holiday, we must create Ornaments of the Issues® and then each family member hangs one onto a cardboard standee of George Washington, proclaiming why our founding father would be in support of them loudly to everyone else in the room. We then gather at the table to partake in the traditional meal of Milk Toast and Ap-Peas-Mint Casserole before getting drunk and fighting until we pass out.

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Get ready for some SEVERE linguistic gymnastics from Trump supporters as they try and play off the fact that he 1) back pedaled on his wall 2) just supported backing DACA recipients [granting amnesty in their language] and 3) this was his plan all along.

And also never forget that it's deflection of the Roger Stone thing and now that will be off the news cycle for a good while

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Choose your side!!!!!!

* white guy
* white guy, lives in forest, big ears, twat
* white guy, short, beer, mountain, etc
* savage brutal horde guy, not white, definitely not black though, not human, doesn't count
* i dont fucken know, lizards? who cares

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NSFW, Slack logo, design fail 101 

oh no


<< I know people at Slack, and I know they're smart, capable and caring people. But once you hear "swastika made of dicks" it's kind of over for the new logo. >>

Awoo to Dobbs Town! Happy to be here, even if I did manage to bork up my username by one letter.

Damn tiny cell phone keyboards!


Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.