@Stang I believe that Bob called the Church to Glen Rose just like G.O.D © called the Adventists to Keene. When will the church break ground on the Subgenius Illogical Seminary?

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@XBenedict What we're breaking ground on (literally) is the Destructionist Evidences Museum and Sanitarium. It's a Forbidden Science museum crossed with a private resort. We're building a collection of fossil skeletons and also religious artifacts. We already have a fossil skeletons of two Cave SubGeniuses ("Adam" and "Steve" but we call them Adam and Eve for the rubes), a fossil Devil skeleton, a prehistoric Grey Alien skeleton, and a fossil skeleton of a robot.

@XBenedict We think the fossil robot belonged to the Grey Alien. All of these date from the Cretacious. We also have ghost dinosaur tracks, the wreck of Noah's Ark (it sunk here, on the Paluxy River), and a whole gallery of Atlantean altar pieces. This goat ranch is ALSO the site of the sunken city of Atlantis (or more correctly, Mutantis). Not yet open to the public.

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