I'm currently homeless due to the California lightning complex fires. This has put a serious dent in my Slack. Send me Slack. Or kill me. It's all about the same these days.

The Custom Made Theater Company's 2012 stage version of my novel Little Brother played to sold out houses in San Francisco, and ever since it closed, I've heard from people who wanted to see it.

Last month, we figured out how to make that happen.


Between now and Jun 28, you can stream the stage production, thanks to the excellent work of playwright Josh Costello and the company.


@XyzzyTPlugh is safe - safe from at least seventeen varieties of mind-control rays, three known hostile UFO weapons, and an indefinite number of Conspiracy tricks. Why? Because Rev. Xyzzy got busy and ordered SubGenius-brand face wear!


@doctorow Love your @pluralistic feed. Miss you on BoingBoing. Can you perhaps add RSS to pluralistic.net for aggregation?

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