In my youth I listened to minimalistic synth music from Germany, Neue Deutsche Welle, the new German wave. I did a dadaists take on that "Pass mal auf!"

I wrote a song with a found object as a video. Melodic minor? It feels uplifting but with an ever present melancholy. And the sun shines and I smile.

In the name of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, Saint of Sales, I command the Luck Plane to tilt in exactly the right fashion - completely toward the good, and with no effort whatsoever - such that Rev. @akerman may get the Slack that is his birthright as a Superior Mutant and Paid-Up Member of the Church of the SubGenius. Heed my magic spell, ye Elder Gods and Lesser Gods! PRAISE "BOB" !!!!!


I had an old Roland drum machine (tr-707) in the studio so I did a sync test between that machine and a Pro-1 clone. It become this. By the way. I am planning to move to my home woods. Forests, lakes and a small farm. Stockholm is beautiful but I am a bit tired of people and the cost of a city.

Hail BOB! I have an industrial band called Run Level Zero and we did a comeback in 2019. This is that album. We are writing new material as we speak. And some pop project, and some experimental stuff.

I made an interpretation of Erik Satie with electronic instrumentation, ambience loops and shortwave radio morse/number stations.

If anyone needs music for a shorter project or want to co create something visual just contact me.

Any Stockholm, Swedish slackars? Hit me up and we create something fun in the name of Bob – just coffee, or a create a film festival or something. I have access to an art space in central Stockholm.

It's both a strength and a weakness that I tend to speak before I think (not refering to anything, just a general conclusion)
Strength because I never hide my feelings, Weakness because I never hide my feelings, hihi

by Joseph Campbell

Today we discuss the beginning of the hero journey that occurs in all the world's mythology.

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When any person harms you, or speaks ill of you, remember that he acts and speaks believing it is his duty to do so. Now, it is not possible that he should follow what appears right to you, but what appears so to himself. Therefore, if he judges from a false appearance, he is the person hurt, since he is the person deceived. [...] Setting out, then, from these principles, you will meekly bear a person who reviles you. For you will say upon every occasion, “It seemed so to him.”

- Epictetus

I browsed some German model train online shops. This is art in it self.

I made this song in 30 minutes called "He loved floors" . I don't know it's meter since the tempo is what it is. A bit The Shaggs perhaps.

Thank you @onan for sending The Dobbstown Mirror to Stockholm. :) I really enjoyed reading it to some strong coffee and crippling anxiety.

You ask for support, help and understanding on social media (eg Twitter, FB etc). But no one there really knows you. Your language is lost and you become a character behind a number of characters. You're stuck in a social simulacrum, a deceptive light.
You shout out your frustration with symbolic signs and you are only a name, a low-resolution individual for others who may only be understood through what your name and output communicates. And the echo / response back will be of the same quality.

Some people ask if they have to make a choice between their existing cult and the Church of the SubGenius. Answer no!

The Church of the SubGenius believes every part of every religion, the more contradictory the better.

You can keep your faith and add to it the bits of other faiths you like best! You can have as many or as few deities, sins, rules, rituals and intolerances as you see fit, and through “revelations” you can change them at will.

Cost: $35


“The Universe is a Haunted House: COIL Through Their Art & Archives.” Timeless Books 2020.

If you make a physical archive, and you organize it even a bit, you accumulate a body of work that lives on. Given time.

If you only make digital works, you make files that can’t be opened on storage media that can’t be accessed. Given time.

You have been given time. When you must give it back, add to it with physical objects you have made.

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