You submit something to a network. If it goes in resonance with the system, you might get an echo back. This message is such a submission for example. If you want stillness in life, you stay still. If you shout in a cave for silence, there will be no silence.

The pulse of the ritual. I write something, I get feedback. The dance of breathing, the expectation of Christmas.

first, LV426, then the "Red Dwarf". Captain Hollister has the worst luck with assignments.


oh, wow. when i was getting serious about C-64 machine code i wrote a game where you could race snails. they'd sometimes take up to an hour to cross the finish line. it was less a game and more a form of torture.

That was silly enough. But deeper into the night I got this idea that messages and glitches should appear. And the end game would be that the player would be drafted to some Satanistic cult. Is there not a dichotomy between the player and the creator? The player wants a good time, achieve something, points, happiness, distraction from misery. But the creators game is to gain downloads, users, sells.

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A GAME ABOUT HORSES. Found this on my harddrive. My Russian friend and I was in the Stockholm archipelago in a cabin and he was tripping on acid. He was quite silly. I did some mock up for an app. My first idea was to do a racing game where you bet on a horse and could eventually own some horses.

I made a game in HyperCard. It's called CHICKEN MASTER.

I'm persisting with making my toy program in Forth. I had to work out how memory allocation was done when I ended up being unable to free something I'd allocated ... turns out I'd overwritten a pointer with values, but the code still worked just fine, because most data are the same size!

WE are here now. This is my first post. Me next post will be my second!


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