I made a game in HyperCard. It's called CHICKEN MASTER.


> loose

that chicken does look kind of ... like she's no better than she should be.

@Nikolai_Kingsley That is true. But it may also be untrue? I am torn

@Shitlord @Nikolai_Kingsley "y not" feels that I slip outside the furnished system I just created. (Hm.. I will go coding now. Social media is new for me.)

@akerman @Shitlord

perhaps add a button that says "Do you feel LUCKY?"

if you click this sometimes you get a point. sometimes you lose a point. sometimes you get fifty points.

sometimes the chicken explodes.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Shitlord yeah, maybe make it Church branded.

The random thing, a bit like Skinner's pigeon experiment.

The slackest thing would not to play the game. Then you win. Somehow.

@akerman @Shitlord

perhaps add a timer, and if they don't press a button within thirty seconds, start coaxing them.. then the program gets angry.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Shitlord HAHa
What would the silliest wording be in that case (I am not a native speaker)?

Or better to address to player?

@akerman @Shitlord

"Press the button"


"What's wrong with you? PRESS THE BUTTON"

@Shitlord @Nikolai_Kingsley Ah, you can buy the game in parts. And it will torment you.

It's a life simulator basically?

@akerman @Nikolai_Kingsley make it so you can never touch the button but after 30 or so years, then someone comes along and sells you a button that looks just like that button and you can't be sure if you met "Bob" or just some random asshole.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Shitlord All your friends have already pressed the button!

And then add levels of passive aggressiveness and disappointments. Interspersed with encouragement if you obey. Like a dog! :) YOU DID WELL!

@akerman @Shitlord

if they don't press a button within three minutes, a BUTTON PRESSES ITSELF. "hah! we DON'T NEED YOU."

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Shitlord I think we have something going on here. :) Logging of now it's (what we call) 23:48 here and "late". Nice talking to ya

@akerman "You probably shouldn't press the button now... the moment has passed."

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