A GAME ABOUT HORSES. Found this on my harddrive. My Russian friend and I was in the Stockholm archipelago in a cabin and he was tripping on acid. He was quite silly. I did some mock up for an app. My first idea was to do a racing game where you bet on a horse and could eventually own some horses.

That was silly enough. But deeper into the night I got this idea that messages and glitches should appear. And the end game would be that the player would be drafted to some Satanistic cult. Is there not a dichotomy between the player and the creator? The player wants a good time, achieve something, points, happiness, distraction from misery. But the creators game is to gain downloads, users, sells.

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oh, wow. when i was getting serious about C-64 machine code i wrote a game where you could race snails. they'd sometimes take up to an hour to cross the finish line. it was less a game and more a form of torture.

Mate! I just looked at some 6510 code yesterday! I wrote it from memory so it just consisted of a NOP and an LDA

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