Karma Fields is an electronic music producer of uncertain origins.

Build the Cities is a code-based generative music video.


Street Musique is an animated short film by Ryan Larkin produced by the National Film Board of Canada and launched in 1972.


Starting with a Single Cell.

Cellular Automata Rule #30 predicts the pattern on this species of Conus shell.

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Head is a 1968 American satirical musical adventure film


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Like a great wave of wild stallions the city streets are awake and the morning erupts with the sub-audibal frequencies and thunderous blast of car traffick. Individualy wraped pilots blast ghetto beats from Cadillac slabs each with their own tempo and temperament. A new week, a new opportunity for some, simple spillage for others, and others still with slack both false and earned, and we, and they, are all getting what we, and what they, deserve in the end. Is "Bob" getting your one dollar?...

Martin Sharp and Max Ernst, cover, OZ magazine, no. 9, February 1968.

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Villager: How can we find a samurai we can pay with only rice?

Gisaku: Find hungry samurái.

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