@Korgdisso Years ago, in the National Lampoon, there was a picture of a painting called The Ascent of the Blesséd Foreskin. Speaking of twitching and unable to do die, what about Superman’s sperm? Read this:


Working from home? Well, MetaFilter has a new thread about people who work from home and just do the minimum to look as if they care. The original poster has a probable reason why this is happening. And all of us here know exactly why. Just scroll down a little bit from the top and you will see it. Hint… It’s in quotes.


@johnhattan Keep it for now, but gift it to someone else. Pass along the mystery.

On a local NPR station this morning there was a discussion of a recent survey that showed that even more Americans are leaving organized religion. As a card carrying member of this religion, I just want to reassure myself that the CoS is an unorganized religion.

@Korgdisso Just a sample from VIZ magazine, an upstanding periodical. This is a sample strip from a recurring series, Foodie Bollocks.


@onan Nothing is perfect. Which, in itself, is a perfection.

@PseudoNovalis Thanks! I will confess I have a whole ton of Crowley et. al. but I’ve moved on…

Cower people! The wrath of the gods brings static electricity!

@PseudoNovalis Is that a picture of a smiling Crowley in the background? I want one! He never smiles!

@johnhattan I always thought that 1:50 or 10:10 looked like crucified and 6:30 looked like he really needed to take a leak. 12:00 was hands up!

My Jesus Clock, made by me, faithfully keeping time since early 90’s. Had to venture into a large fundie Xtian bookstore to find the felt board presentation set for Easter. For years I’ve had the idea for a new clock with some other imagery from that set. Jesus bearing the cross and the clock being a Roman soldier with the second hand being a whip.

Thelemites in action…. Look at me I’m wonderful narcissists looking to get laid, exercising some self-assumed power over others, or just in it for the money. A sad lot. Uncle Aleister ended his days alone in a rest home, nursing his heroin addiction, and hoping to find his successor, all of whom ended up fighting over the title.

If you run into “Bob” on the road, give him your $35.

@onan When I was a kid, and started on my passion for philosophy, the first philosophical question I posed to my friends was “Can you dig half a hole?” I had decided that you can’t, half a hole is still a hole. I was shocked to see your posting revive that old question.

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