Hey, folks. Those asking about the mask from the other day, I had it custom made from Zazzle. I'm not interested in making money off it (since I don't own the rights), so I can't offer a direct link. But you CAN make your own! :)

I used one of these terrific wallpapers (source unknown): imgur.com/a/pRH8GWB

And here's the link to the blank template: zazzle.com/create_your_own_clo

[cc: @leyrer, @drwho, et al.]

@fortyseven that from the unarius movie "The Arrival". it's pretty cool.

Doing a search on "Omega Contingency Plan" (from Arise!) is a fun trip. :jrbd:

Plenty of nerdful, not SubG-specific content. Surprised to see a result come up in the Federal Register, though.

Trick is, it's about a company called "Omega Phase Transformations, Inc" in relation to asbestos. :P


@Shitlord The Internet Archive has a few of my games which can be played in a modern browser or run using the MiniVmac emulator.

Probably somebody should upload all the SubG games to them, as the admin is really good about converting into games which can be played online in a browser.


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