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FOR THOSE THAT CARE: Here is one of our ONLY AUTHORIZED versions of ARISE for FREE on the Internet. Please use this link and see a better quality DOBBS APPROVED version than is shown elsewhere.

Thanks, Philo

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1708 - SEXY! (rerun of #776) :jrbd:

A rerun of #776 from 2001, when we were all still alive. (MOST of us still are.) With a general running theme of, well, Sex SubGenius Style, it's a mash-up of The old ESO Swamp Radio, Puzzling Evidence, and rants and music from the Winterstar devival, plus…

Almost an hour of 's Blank Reg!

Content pulled together from the movie and American TV series, it's almost every bit of series content featuring the late, great .

Download it while you can. ;D

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1707 - Tribute to Dr. Legume - Part 5 :jrbd:

The first and last thirds of this fifth salute to the SubGenius hero and demon Dr. K'taden Legume come from Hour of Slack #467, from late 1993, with Stang reading two newspaper articles about Legume's confrontations with televangelists, in person, in Phila…

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