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take your meds, go get vaxed, say your prayers, brush your teeth, make your bed, get a job, have kids, take out a loan, go to the psychiatric hospital, get a dog, call the cops, learn to swim

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The next frontier of mental health will be plant psychologists. After having pioneered and perfected the fields of housepet and livestock psychology, we need to address the next crisis.

#0 - plants have feelings
#1 - plants think and perceive
#2 - plants communicate
#3 - plant mood affects growth, output

Consult me if you are concerned about the mental well-being of your plants. Free consultation followed by $45/hr service.

I think of They Might Be Giants as an independent layer like RapGenius.

so the garbage company didnt pick up my trash for 3 weeks and then they didn't pick up my extra bags next to the can today. i called them to complain and they told me they would call back. they fucking called me at 00:40

chug a bottle of
cough syrup a day
to keep spirits up and
the covid away

snort big old lines of
the narrative narrative
narrative narrative ...
from the inside out

we're trapped in the belly of a giant evil demon and people are selling their neighbors and the future for brief highs. this creature can't be put down fast enough

“There’s a specter haunting Europe. It’s very scary and has backwards knees. It can’t be outrun. Leave out a sacrifice of a kitten on a string every full moon or it will take a child back to Hell with it when it leaves.” - Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

oh man, @onan sent me some more Subgenius zines but my roommates thought I was printing them myself and mailing them to myself as a joke... finally got my hands on some

Harmony should really describe things further…

At least as someone that's an heavy IRC user with a bit of XMPP and rarely Matrix, I just can't really tell what it is and what it will be.

What if we kissed 👉👈🥺
In the sangha 🧘🟣

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