Don't be part of the problem.



Because of a considered study of J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, I can play any tune on any musical instrument with equal skill.


@onan moreover, "Bob" has taught me that playing the hammered dulcimer and playing the dulcimer while hammered are the same.

YOUR cult: "Yeah, you can have fun, but only ironically and within bounds and it has to mean something."

MY cult: " :jrbd: "

MY cult is better than YOUR cult.

Not different.



@onan *throws [praying/politics/machine learning] at problem X*

“Is it still a problem? You didn’t pray / politic hard enough, or in the right way. If you had, it wouldn’t be a problem any more.”

Maybe. Or maybe prayer / politics don’t work. Or aren’t the appropriate solution. Or it’s a problem that can be managed but not solved. Or... no, just pray / politic HARDER and IN THE RIGHT WAY and the problem will stop.

Because if the problem is still there, you are the generation that will solve it a d the prior ones are evil and stupid.

One arbitrary human time delineation closer to "1998"!


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