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The critical human flaw is not that as a species we're particularly aggressive. It's that we tend to respond to aggression very poorly.
-- David Graeber

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I've got a good one;)

Imagine that for one year you can have only one of those. Which one would it be?

P.S.: you know what to do to get a better result 🔁

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I have enough wild strawberries in my yard to make at least one pie if not 2!

If I can find a Leptospermum scoparium tree, I can grow tea in my front garden.

The goal is to make every growing space produce something useful.

I left one head of broccoli to go to flower so I get seeds from it. I will germinate those seeds in my garage next year and basically get back what I put into these plants.

Don't tell the govt though. In my state it is illegal to let a vegetable product bear seeds for the next year.

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I did my homework, but let it grow too long. That's okay, after an ice bath it still tastes good.

Did you do your homework for ?

P.S. there are strawberries and cauliflower on the way too. Small steps.

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Humanity can not be made equal by declarations on paper. Unless the material conditions for equality exist, it is worse than mockery to pronounce men equal.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

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By exchanging your weakness for strengths

And laughing at what others fear

You cannot add years to your life

But you can add some life to your years


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contact info for interview 

email: syster@disroot.org
pgp fingerprint:
B4F0 3BA3 04D7 3AF7 8058
B95F BDD1 8719 ADE6 4AE8
public key: zkaan2xfbuxia2wpf7ofnkbz6r5zdb

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In order to improve Briar to fit your needs, we need to know them.

In particular improving Briar to the needs of activists, journalists or anyone who's organized to resist oppressive tendencies of societies is of our interest.

If you're organized, be it formal or informal, you're invited to join an interview held by @syster
The interview will be held in text format only using asynchronous communication - in other words: email.

contact info below

Just got my background check back for work. This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't had to explain why I was on a no fly list. That is nice. Finally off that stupid list.

Food for Thought:

When in the Middle East, be careful who you eat dinner with. If it is the wrong person, the US govt will put you on a list.

Another article that I have been mulling over. This is the initial release of the article, but I think I'll need to edit it a little more. Go ahead and check it out now, though:

Government Power


Even though there is not going to be an episode of this week, I did have time to write out something that I have been thinking about lately.


My conceptualization of what government is.

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Thus-far, Amazon seems to be the only place with the new Rudy Schwartz Project albums for sale+download.

And yeah, Amazon's evil. But their music is drm-free. Upon pressing the "buy" button, I got the option to download a zip file of mp3's.



So, I thought it might be a hassle to get the cli client on my machine.... but it was as easy as downloading it, extracting the tarball to /usr/local/bin, then just running `writeas auth` and `writeas new`

How cool is that?

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mention of ruling class crimes 

There’s nothing natural or inevitable about bigotry. From everything I’ve read, bigotry is an artificial mentality spread by ruling classes/elites to:

steal land
commit genocide (and cover it up)
keep people’s wages low
keep people unemployed
split the worst off from the ‘next worst off’, so they don’t fraternise and, y’know, overthrow these lying elites

I could go on…

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This video does a wonderful job of explaining why people should join Mastodon.

Send this to your friends trapped in the hellhole of bird-app:

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