I am super frustrated.with this steaming pile of turd software that MS calls windows 10. These auto updates always hit at the wrong time, when one is actually tring to do work, and it always breaks something. I am trying to add a pc to a domain. An update that takes 30 min to install, refuses to let me do anything until it reboots. I am an hour and a half from home and stuck $#&^%*?@ with this so the customer can get right to work in the morning with little to no interruption. It is now 5:05pm..

Want a decentralized marketplace that uses cryptocurrencies and no one owns that network? It uses ipfs as its base and each person basically runs their own store?


It is super cool. Heard about it almost a decade ago and now it has really grown into a cool platform for selling and buying stuff.

, you pieces of shit. Putting ads on your site that I accidentally touch and then can't go back, then locks up my phone. Not going back to you shitty site again.

On the one hand, high-stakes testing is pedagogically bankrupt, but on the other hand, it sure produces numbers that universities can focus on increasing, and then trumpet when those numbers are higher than they used to be. I guess that's important?


@martijnbraam's pmOS #pinephone CE install video starts with factory quality testing/flashing and shows the first run experience at 2:30 with the on-device installer.

Since the final rootfs, the on-device installer rootfs and the factory rootfs all run postmarketOS, this became a beautiful three layer cake of postmarketOS images. 🍰 😁


Is there a decent RISC-V emulator C(++) library out there yet?

Fresh from the factory: the first backcovers of the postmarketOS #PinePhone Community Edition!

If you've missed the announcement about our collaboration with @PINE64, read all about it here: postmarketos.org/blog/2020/07/

Halt and catch fire is probably the most underrated computer-related TV show.

Burnout, women in tech, ethics; so many important subjects are covered in a entertaining way.

I really don't get why this show did not ended up in pop culture when silicon valley did.

World's unfair :)

* https://1337x.to/torrent/2324530/Halt-And-Catch-Fire-Season-1-to-3-Mp4-x264-AC3-1080p/

@ScottMortimer another fundamental difference is snap isn't actually fully open source. The server component is proprietary. I had no idea until recently, and have lost interest in snap since.

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