I have a question for anyone who actively follows this account. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to make my own music just using my linux machine and a regular keyboard? I have looked into a few different ways and am not entirely certain how to do it.

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I just looked up the recommended ratio of to water.

They say ~66 grams of coffee for 1 liter of water.... what????

I use about 32 for a liter of water and it is super strong. Could doubling it make the extraction better? That just seems insane to me... and coffee experts out there able to help? I just a pour-over that holds a liter of coffee.

Thanks to help and education from @ken_fallon , is now CC-0, Public Domain!

Yay! Celebrate in the streets everyone! Throw that ticket tape! Steal it if you'd like! Share it around! Burn a CD of an audio clip and sell it to your unsuspecting friend!


You know what's fun? Making your own little TTY welcome art for your home server that will soon be your webserver.

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The Rev. Dr. PrA Bobly is a proud card carrying Patrio-Psychotic Anarcho-Materialist!

POLITICS ARE A DEAD END!! Communism sucks and Conspiracy-style "Monopoly Capitalism" is a RUSE. "Bob" doesn't want everyone to be equally POOR -- he wants all humanity equally RICH!!! RICH!!! RICH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS --WITHOUT WORKING!!! 

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@kirjis @onan “Bob” let’s you keep your mind whether you like it or not!

Since the new laws restricting sale of vaping supplies has gone into effect, about 4 of my friends who used to smoke and now have cut back considerably on vaping have started to buy cigarettes again...

This is when you begin to know that money speaks louder than anything in your country, when a law can be written by and ratified by a corporation instead of your representatives.

I have only gotten through chapter one of 'Language and Responsibility' (P.S. I got the title wrong before) and I already want to just stop and think about everything on a deeper level.

Hint: in 1977 was talking about the power structures that try (and succeed) to control the public conscious thru control of and media.



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I'm trying out messaging platform.

Anyone want to test it out with me, send me your briar address.

I'll post mine in a comment so mobile users can copy it easier.

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Recyclebot is an open-source waste plastic extruder that creates 3-D printer filament from waste plastic and natural polymers. #recycling #opensource appropedia.org/Recyclebot #climate #sustainability

Have you cracked open your copy of Politics and Language by Noam yet?

If you haven't yet, get a copy at anarchobook.club/docs/chomsky/

Let's get to reading!

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Did you know this:

#Briar's E2EE is similar to #Signal's, but adapted to be delay tolerant and work without central server. It uses the Bramble Transport Protocol:

Briar's founder contributed to the original Axolotl Double Ratchet Algorithm:

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