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Kai Engel

Wanna taste of beautiful music? Get this song and then fall in love with and buy all his music!

Thank you @bleakgrey for introducing me to his music!

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It's been a while, but I am finishing up an episode for this Fri.

I know it's been a long time, but work sort of took over my life these past few months... by 'sort of' I mean 'completely and absolutely'

It's gonna be a little different. Got a lot of feedback about Hero With a Thousand Faces and I think I'll finish recording that and release it on the side, not in the main feed.

@shahaan Ah, you mean systemd.

It's a shorthand for System of a Down, who provide the official music module for Linux.

I forgot how much I like

Also, it loads a lot faster on my than the vanilla Mastodon.

Our 6-yr-old Fairphone 2 is being upgraded to Android 10. That’s 7 years of software support! An industry first for an Android device! 🙌 Together with the open source community we built the operating system. Proving it is possible to put sustainability at the heart of tech. 🌿

Got Assassins Creed Valhalla.... get this... the disc has 31 GB of data, but you can't play it until you download the 91GB of data from the Microsoft Store.... 4 hours later, it's sitting at 87%

So far, has been fantastic! A little quirk with it not saving my login info, but I'm sure that's user error.

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On I have been using for my client. But I am just now testing out on the to see if it is a good alternative. Dino is a it sluggish on the Pinephone and has ugly GTK style...

That's right, have the stuff in this post are hashtags... it's fine... it's fine....

I'm in the process of turning all @kosmos account user addresses into a Lightning Address with a hosted wallet/inbox for sats.

Now, that's already fantastic, because it means you can easily send sats to Kosmos XMPP contacts. But then it hit me: we can also do this for XMPP *channel* addresses, so you can easily send sats to a chat room, which could be a public channel for your project. 🤯

Obviously, my plan is to implement this in Hyperchannel, but any XMPP client could add payments this way.

I am trying to search, 'how to get PayPal to stop sending me friggin' emails all the damn time!'

I turned off ALL notifications in my setting, but I still get their damn marketing emails!

>hey theres this currency that it's actually private so it puts us in danger how do we make normal people never touch it
>say it is used by nazis, we did it with fedi and it worked
What programming language should I do for Advent of Code?

Deity Derby 2021 - ROUND TWO!


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NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1858 - Onan's "Bob" Drinking Song (rerun of #858) :jrbd:

Many cut-ups by that cut-up LeMur, much Swamp Radio, Consortium of Genius, Swinging Love Corpses, Pink Boyz, Bleepo, The Brag, Stang ranting, and Onan's "Bob" Drinking Song recorded at a raucous devival in Akron, Ohio, 2002. 1 "Comedy Tonight" clip (A Funy… is trying to raise a decent amount of money to stay on air. I just sent in a donation and if you like them or if you have never heard of them and find out you wanna contribute to an awesome project, consider a small donation!

Where the state lacks means of coercion, it is important to control what people think.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

Human autonomy should be regulated. You don't need 24 hours all to yourself to make your own decisions! Your autonomy is an assault-style weapon and you should have to get a state issued license for your autonomy.

>open my news extension thing
>there was a car accident in a crowd, people injured, we don't know who did it or why

>open 4chan/KF
>there was a car incident at a Christmas market, at least 5 dead, here is the car of the guy, his name, his face, his youtube, his twitter, his political views, his criminal history, the DA that freed him, and what his dog ate yesterday

This is just silly at this point.

here's a quick side by side of WayDroid on the @oneplus 6 vs @thepine64 Pinephone, the Pinephone runs a lot better than i would have expected. (32gb/3gb model).

the op6 is running #linux 5.16-rc1, the pinephone is running 5.14.6, both on @postmarketOS edge.

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