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"Aren't you müde from writing Rust programs in English? Do you like saying "scheiße" a lot? Would you like to try something different, in an exotic and funny-sounding language? Would you want to bring some German touch to your programs?

rost (German for Rust) is here to save your day, as it allows you to write Rust programs in German, using German keywords, German function names, German idioms."

GitHub - michidk/rost: Rust programming, in German. github.com/michidk/rost

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Why do you use a messenger?

Please choose one and say your opinions.


Now that my student loans are going to need payments from me again soon...

... don't go to college. It ain't worth it. Just sayin', it ain't worth it. College is very similar to snake oil. Lots of promises, but all you get is a piece of useless paper.

Instead, send $35 to The Church of the and do whatever you want without the chains of debt.

Join the Church today!


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That feeling when you delete a bunch of files...

Wow, that last update to the on really made things snappy. Let's see how longterm use on this is.... I could really begin to enjoy this phone... especially once @PINE64 gets those physical keyboard issues worked out and I can throw my money at them and get one on order! Can't wait for that.

Every morning I wake up and read a little digest of US news. Every morning I think, 'well this is just dumb.'

Then I think that perhaps we should go back to the original plan for the US and just let the states work without interference from the feds.

P.S. the next step is to dissolve the actual states, but maybe we can wait a few years for society to acclimate.

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I think it's time to dissolve the United States.

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Hey #Linux people! Here's a poll for you. Reposting appreciated :comfygeek:

Which do you use for you main system?

I ran a little test over a 2 month period.

I downloaded all the major Linux distros via torrent. Then seeded them for an entire month[still seeding]. For that month, these are the top 3.

seeded: 101gigabytes

Linux Mint Debian
seeded: 522 gigabytes

Kali Linux
seeded: 13.09 terabytes

The huge gap between 1 and 2 was sort of shocking to me, to be completely honest.

p.s. these are the seeds from the actual websites, not third party... that may paint a different picture.

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English is the JavaScript of spoken languages.

Just think about it:

- it's extremely wide-spread for historical reasons;

- it is a somewhat random mash-up of at least three other languages;

- as much as all languages have their idiosyncrasies , it tends to have the more confusing ones.


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I want to buy eliquid. It is slowly becoming illegal to buy eliquid in the US online.

So anyone have any grey or black markets online that I could buy from. Screw all this stupid shit. Fuck the US govt.

@ademan I thought of you and also @agoradefense if you guys have any ideas.

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If you are on Windows and have got an AMD GPU/APU, We need your help. We're trying to debug a weird crash with the last version of 0 A.D. It would seem AMD no longer support old versions of GL with compatibility profile
#GPUalert #opensource #IndieGameDev

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