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@onan we get nominated for "most transparently fake cult" again?

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How does one 'work out'? I need to figure this out

I am writing a novella that no one will ever see

So this is real

How does one deal with that which is real?

You run. That's what you do. You run away from it.

How crazy would it be if I decided to see the world? I have a job now that allows me to work from anywhere that there is internet as long as I stay being the best damn person at my job... which I will continue that... I can't help it, I am the best. hahaha

I am thinking about it... it sounds crazy... but I am having a difficult time find a reason why I shouldn't

Man... I am becoming obsessed with Twenty One Pilots... this is becoming a problem.

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I never understood people who say “Jesus take the wheel.” Jesus never drove anything. He doesn’t have a license. You’re gonna die if Jesus takes the wheel.

Is everyone autistic? Like... I was thinking about it. It seems to me that everyone I have ever interacted with is partially on the spectrum.

I know all my brother, sisters, and others are full blown Autists, haha

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With the help of the F-Droid developers, I managed to fix the auto-update metadata for F-Droid.

So from this release, every new tag for a new stable version (i.e. 1.4.0, no sufixes or prefixes) should be automatically picked and the app update should be applied without requiring me to open a MR.

The ETA time for any F-Droid release is and will always be: soon(TM).

(Like that ever changed :bloblaugh:)
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I've lost my marbles... completely lost them...

So when are the going to be available for purchase again? I have money waiting to exit my account............

Into the dark
We all must go
Into the dark
We die

Into the dark
Let sorrow flow
Into the dark
We fly

You always hurt the ones you love.

What is that? An Elvis lyric... I think so.

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Deaf Radio released a new track, "Quicksand". It's on YouTube.

Love this band.

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Come and take it transparent slaps are in. For some reason all gun people love stickers.

Thank you all for your continued support. Development across the board continues.

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