Part of being an is learning a few ways to cut your reliance on big corporations and big govts.

One way to do that is by growing some of your own food. Or all of it!

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, you can find ways to grow things to enhance your life and control what you put in your body.

The sect of that seems to seek this goal is the sect. I have been hard pressed to find good resources from them.

Wanna send me some links?

@herag Searching for them im not seeing how they are meaningfully different from AnCaps, they just seem to fetishize literal open-markets or agoras. Is there something im not seeing?

@Capheind oh I don't know about the actual agorists exactly, but there are a lot of good principles in a lot of their literature that affirms the ideas of mutualism and putting action to thought. I guess I admire that. Pulling anarchism out of the theoretical and actually putting it into action by mutual aid and setting up black markets between you and your neighbors.

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