Look what I picked up for $4.73. Couldn't find it online for under $50(with shipping), but local bookshop didn't know what they had. :jrbd:

@fortyseven and it is even in pretty great shape. I am psyched. :jrbd: :jrbd:

@herag A true gem there. Do you also have Elements?

@senator Elements? Oh gosh... is there another book I need?

@herag /C Elements of Style/ isn't necessarily a must-have if you have good C/C#/Dart style already. But if your brain was ever harmed by C++ or Java styling, then you might want to give the book a browse if you ever find it.

@izaya I had to check the ISBN, but yes, I suppose it is a first edition. I didn't know that I had gotten such a gem! And it's in pretty great condition.

@herag I don't know how long the first edition was printed for but I know it's a lot less than the second edition has been.

@herag very cool, i have mine from a long time ago yeah the first edition is appreciating nicely 🙂

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