I hate reddit.

It isn't the community, it's the software. I mean say what you want about the community, but every time I have to read something on their site, I just close it out and decide I'll do something better with my life.

I hate reddit.

@herag It's not bad if you use and have accumulated enough ublock rules to hide the more annoying parts of the ui.
@herag Not that there aren't still plenty of reasons to hate it.

I have taken to using as a front end for Reddit

@zudlig @herag

@onan @zudlig @herag what's the appeal? I find reddit silences the weird and punishes disagreement from the hive mind. Long ago I used to mod a major religion subreddit but got annoyed with how only liberal interpretations recieved the light of day
@rdr @onan @herag To the best of my knowledge the Fediverse has nothing that can compete with r/justrolledintotheshop at this time.
@zudlig @herag
here's some nice umatrix rules for reddit:

noscript-spoof: * true
no-workers: * true
* * * block
* 1st-party * allow
* 1st-party script block 1st-party script inherit image allow css allow image allow css allow image allow script allow

("inherit" inherits the rule from "* 1st-party * allow", meaning, scripts are not explicitly blocked)

you can go more restrictive but IMO it becomes too limited.

another thing to do, is to never ever visit the front page.
I pretty much only browse r/math these days.
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