I'm sorry, but this whole drop shipping scheme that people push (especially in the agorist community) seems very... unsustainable. The basis for it seems fine, I guess, but it appears to me to be something I have come to call a 'transient market', very elusive.

Yeah, I'd have to agree, I looked into doing that awhile back just to make some money, but I ended up abandoning the idea. It really didn't interest me to just play middle man.
And I get that you get to be your boss and make money on it, but, atleast in my eyes, seems to lack the true entrepreneurial spirit of agorism. In my opinion it would seem that droppshipers act more like drone-like capitalists.

@agoradefense @herag I am always skeptical when there seem to be more people teaching how to enter a business, than people in that industry. I feel the same way about marketing gurus.

@ademan @herag @ew
Now that you mention it, I think I've literally seen a course on how to make a drop shipping course.

Yeah, I think I've heard that before, some of the more sensible ones that talk about say it's really more for getting some initial funding for a real business.

@agoradefense @ademan @ew in that case I'll save my money and eventually start some other business. The more I think about drop shipping, the more I annoyed I get.

@herag @agoradefense @ew If you can add some value along the way it might not be so bad. Customization is an obvious value-add, although then you are competing with print-on-demand type places, which you probably can’t out-compete on price.

@ademan @agoradefense oh that is true. Maybe that's what's putting me off about it.

@agoradefense I hadn't given it full thought yet, so I didn't want to say it, but it seems to perpetuate everything I hate about capitalism and utilize very little of what I like about the philosophy of capitalism.

Maybe you could roll the droppshipping concept into your anarchobook club.
Drop shipping is technically just fulfilling orders without managing the physical stock.
If you could find a book supplier, you could have some sort of front-end order system on your site.
I've noticed that a lot in the anarchist community still prefer physical books to digital ones, especially the prepper types.

Now that I think about, you might be able to do print on demand with the out of copyright works you've made/cleaned epubs of. 🤔

@agoradefense that is not a bad idea. I wonder... well, a few of the books I have edited are heavily copyrighted and since I'm not making a profit from them I figure I won't draw a lot of attention. But I have been meaning to basically redo all of and publish all the books and pamphlets on anyway.

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