So, I thought it might be a hassle to get the cli client on my machine.... but it was as easy as downloading it, extracting the tarball to /usr/local/bin, then just running `writeas auth` and `writeas new`

How cool is that?

@herag i havent used it yet, its easy>? cool.. i thought they wanted 20 bucks for it..

@ringo yeah, I just realized that that is true. I was excites to get it installed. Didn't use it until a few minutes ago. Can use it without paying for pro

@herag i have pro. Its worth it if you do multiple blogs

@herag of course my dumbass was trying to run 10 blogs. :)

@ringo sorry, I just realized my autocorrect changed something. I meant, can't use it without pro. Sad day. That's okay. I also realize that it would be best to keep that essay on anyway to keep it all together.

@herag thats what i thought you meant :) thanks for clarifying though, not enough people do.

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