I bought my subscription with .

That was nice... I could get used to using Bitcoin for stuff. Now if only my power company and water company would accept Bitcoin, I could shut down my bank account. Haha

@herag #Bitcoin isn’t very good. It’s a shame that #Mullvad only accepts that or #BitcoinCash, which has much of the same problems. Their cash by mail option is better in those respects.

I like bitcoin. It is easy to use and a lot cheaper than I was led to believe. I have purchased quite a few things with it.

The Lightning Network is essential though. I haven't used it yet, but seeing the fees for it make me jealous. They are so much cheaper.

@herag It doesn't live up to it's promises though, as the links in the post I linked to demonstrate.

Btw, what were you able to buy with BTC? That's really cool that one can actually buy things with crypto in general, even though Bitcoin in particular is not perfect.

As for the Lightning Network, I don't know what problem it solves that can't be more easily solved by simply increasing the block size or, better, adding a soft cap on block size like Monero.
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