I want to buy eliquid. It is slowly becoming illegal to buy eliquid in the US online.

So anyone have any grey or black markets online that I could buy from. Screw all this stupid shit. Fuck the US govt.

@ademan I thought of you and also @agoradefense if you guys have any ideas.

@herag @ademan @agoradefense I really hope eliquid is not some sort of slang for cryptocurrency.

Haha, nope. But I'd trade for it. I'm tired of all these stupid laws interfering with my normal life. My state has now banned all imports of any kind of eliquid for an ecig. It now has to be produced within the state borders.

Also that huge spending bill that the feds passed basically destroyed the inline markets for anyone who is not a massive cigarette manufacturer.
@agoradefense @ademan

@herag I have a brother who makes his own and, from what he tells me, it isn't that complicated. Probably a better idea too, especially if the alternative is the mass market brands. I'll ask him if he has any guides or something, if you'd be interested. @agoradefense @ademan

That would be excellent. And also... ask him if he has any idea where the best place to buy the diy stuff too. I'm pretty sure that is illegal to buy online in my state now too because so far no one will ship here.
@agoradefense @ademan

@herag He said he used the e-cigarette forum, I took the liberty of searching through it for a post on the actual process:

All of his supplies he bought locally, so that won't really help you, but the only ingredients are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, and flavoring, so if you are savvy about how to find chemicals online, or if you can find a supply, you should be fine. I also saw a thread on those forums about extracting nicotine from tobacco plants, if that would be more doable. @agoradefense @ademan

Thank you. I know a guy who runs an ecig business here. I might see if he can wrangle the nicotine for me. The other stuff is still legal to buy here because it is used in food prep.

I'll just have to go pay him a visit.

If it is a hint, my state is also the same state that will put you away for 25 years if they catch you with more than 10 grams of pot, and they have a zero tolerance policy... mandatory minimum.

Which... I ask myself, why do I live here? Haha and I have no idea how to answer myself.

@herag Probably the same reason why I live in a state that bans having a pistol grip on a rifle: Convenience.

The cost of moving to a new area is greater than the cost of getting around/putting up with the State's nonsense.
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