so you're telling me someone paid good money for this? I screenshot it and can still use it. What's the point?

@herag NFTs are selling the idea that the first sucker to buy something stupid won't be the biggest sucker.

@herag these are the same people that buy microsoft windows, in part- i think. not sure what the point is, either.

Bahaha, that is very true.... hahaha

I just can't believe I now have a piece of art that sold for something like $25,000

I mean, it is cool, the art is. I really like it. But I wouldn't pay that much for it if it wasn't an oil painting or something... then again I don't have that much money for a painting either... haha

@herag you are welcome to try and collect one of my canvas paintings, but yeah i hear you and fully understand... LOL. I don't usually sell them to people, but am focused on the orgone generators these days, but occasionally someone asks about a painting. :) Or I offer. LOL. and yeah, I realised we were in trouble in terms of scarcity the moment I downloaded an mp3 :D Good trouble. This was back in freshman year of high school.

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