Looks like I'm helping to form a new union at my wife's Nonprofit place of work. It was my idea, even though I don't work there, but hearing the stories of her coworkers, I lightly suggested it.

Now, they are looking to me to help them form a Union. First we organize. Then I hurry up and figure out how to form a Union. Got a lawyer helping me out for free.

This company is well known in my town to 'grease the gears' of govt so that they will look the other way. That is going to - 1/2


I already gave the little speech to the 80 workers that came to the organization meeting that they should not take this action lightly. To be prepared to lose their jobs. But they are all ready. Most of them have been talking about quitting for months now.

So this is gonna be fun. - 2/2

@herag I wish you better luck than Robespierre, my friend. Unionization is always a tricky business.

Yeah, that's why I called a lawyer.... he may be the most corrupt lawyer I know... which is fine I think. I didn't intend to get this deep in it, but I am happy to help.

Ultimately it will be up to the actual workers to do a lot of the work. Hopefully they realize that.

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