Follow looks like a cool project. I started researching it pretty heavily. , 'The People's Network' is the claim.

Every document talks about KYC. Know Your Customer.

Fuck that shit.

All of this super compliance with thug rules just defeats the whole purpose of decentralizing to me.

Back to world I go.

If they're forcing KYC, I suspect the cause is because their mining process is basically accessing a central faucet.

The advantage of this model is they can achieve low energy consumption in their "miners" since they're not actually mining. But the down-side is that such a chain basically lives and dies by it's founding team, and as you say, your privacy take a back seat to their compliance.

You might check out, my project, which has similar intentions but is actually mined.

@cjd just read the info page. That looks cool. Really cool. It's weird because I have been trying out cjdns and have seen there, but have always just though, 'eh, I will read about that later.' Until now, later never came. Hehe... thank you for sending me that way.

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