Be aware, I have spun up my own instance at

Thanks to @luke for his guide, @ademan for letting me ask him stupid questions

I'll keep this account active for a while because 'Bob' is my savior, but eventually that will be my home instance.

@herag I am VERY glad to see more SubGenii and SubGenii-adjacent instances! Congrats and have fun! Some fine day a fellow religionist will be caught up in the spirit and found a funkwhale and / or peertube instance!

@onan @herag oh peertube is next... Hahaha... My single user instance is definitely a subgenus instance. But I just wanted to see how much fun it would be and it is super duper fun to run my own instance. @herag @onan hoping to do the same for my crew. But also I can map over if needed.

@herag @luke @ademan You can export all your followed accounts and import them to your new account (if you have not done so already)
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