My new Forest Green ink from Noodler Ink just came in... Why am I more excited about this than anything in the last year or so?

1. Fountain pen geek.
2. It's pretty.

I can see the appeal of a fountain pen for the purist scribe. I tried them long ago. Found I didn't have the specific slack appropriate to the instrument.

That is the ink I just got! It does take a bit of effort, but I got a Lamy Safari and the fine nib and it is super easy to write with. I will say, that I prefer relatively larger pens, but it seems that all the pens that I like are really expensive, so I just stick to Lamy.

My dream pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point pen... But too rich for my blood. I have had my Lamy since 2009 and the same bottle of Burgundy Noodlers ink and have purchased any other pens in all that time.

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