Does your church give you cool stickers? No! Probably not!

This is my Android background. Took the photo myself and am very proud.

I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure it's time to call BS. I'm tired of all the hype around this virus. The fudging of the numbers to get more money. The false claims and false data. I talking both sides here, not just the 'pro' or the 'anti' pandemic people.

Feed the fire.

Give over more control to your overlords.

I don't honestly care.

Sitting on the back porch of my AirBnB in Madison, Ind. Sippin' on some sweet tea and enjoying my first vacation since the pandemic hit my state.

Who better but Wendell Berry to read at a time like this?

Swedish Pancakes + Blackberry Jam + Turkey Bacon

Excellent start to the day.

Look what I found that you can buy online... hehehe this is just silly.

We're Spending Too Much on Defense

How many killy things do we need before our country is safe from invasion? The United States defense budget is enormous–it's larger than the next eight large...

What is this??

No one told me I would get a free sticker with my bandana!

Order your Dobbs gear now. Who knows what you might get?

@onan I am so proud today. My wife is learning the 3 Ps on Animal Crossing!

@onan hey, so does the Church have one of these? If not, if I make one, can I send it to you guys? 'Slack your way to Dobbs' or something more creative than that.

P.S. I haven't seen one of these things for years. I forget what they are called.

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