When you can't find a suitable epub version, you just make your own.

[Please don't tell me that it is too much work. It is a labor of love {or rather, self love}]

Psycholinguistics [and general updates about the club]

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Language and Responsibility


That's right, another episode of is out! I made it 1 whole chapter in Chomsky's book!

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You know what's fun? Making your own little TTY welcome art for your home server that will soon be your webserver.

Have you cracked open your copy of Politics and Language by Noam yet?

If you haven't yet, get a copy at anarchobook.club/docs/chomsky/

Let's get to reading!

Not a great picture, but this is the version of On Language by Noam Chomsky that I'm reading for next week.

If anyone has a digital copy, I would love to get my hands on it! That way everyone in the book club can read this wonderful work!

This week we will read Against Intellectual Property by Stephen Kinsella

Get your copy here:


By far, this is one of the best arguments I have read against IP, written by a Copyright Lawyer who actively promotes Copyleft.

I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!

The Quaker Experiment


Check it out. A bit rushed. No editing at all on this one. But there is homework for you.

Here's a picture of me completing the homework myself.

Got some Timeline Earth merch. Just a bunch of goofball anarchists chit chatting, but love their podcast.

Look what I picked up for $4.73. Couldn't find it online for under $50(with shipping), but local bookshop didn't know what they had. :jrbd:

Got this book. I sort of know sed and awk, but for $1.22 I figured I could learn a little more. :jrbd: :jrbd:

Picked up this dandy from Half Price Books for 50 cents.

After all the in depth philosophical works and poetry, it'll be nice to read through something easy and quick.

More real estate has been taken up on my desktop box by J.R. "Bob" and it makes me happy.

Thank you to @onan ! You and the church deserve another $35! [after my next paycheck]

Dobbs.town just simply rocks.

This is what a looks like. Possible a server too. Also possible an server.

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