This is what a looks like. Possible a server too. Also possible an server.

I don't really watch anime... ever. But one that I still like to rewatch is Ergo Proxy. This poster is right, it is visually stunning. And the story is just perfect.

Just finished my discussion of Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut over at . Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

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Saw this examle of true in the world timeline. Could help but post it here to help my brothers and sisters find yet more slack in their lives!

If you aren't subscribed already, you wouldn't know that another episode/installment just hit the lines. Hot off the presses!

Player Piano, part one

I used some music that is mentioned in the book for the intro and outro. Very happy with how it sounds.

So tell me what you think! Give it a go!

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This is my main source of reading for my garden ideas. Pretty excited to start a new garden after last year's didn't turn out so well.

Latest addition to my computer.

Void Of Slack

Thank you @onan ! And everyone in this crazy mind control cult!

The mistress of chillin' and showin' the Pink Boys how to be a SubGenius.

There is so much slack in this photo, you already know she has masters the 3 Ps and has memorized The Book of the SubGenius!

My dog during puzzle night.

(Yes... that is Hans the Dog)

Just downloaded and ran it... it works a lot better than I expected. :D

I might buy this game.

Everyone needs a little "Bob" in their life. Here, have some "Bob" and then go join our great mind-control cult and become one of the chosen.

Look at this lovely man. His name is Petr Kropotkin.

He will be the next that I read for the and I would like everyone to join me. We will be reading The Conquest of Bread, which is probably one of his best known works.

Here's a link to download it directly:

If you checkout the Anarcho Book Club Library, you can find other works of his as well.

I hope you enjoy! Now I must go read.

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