The only thing that would make better is if he always waited to release it on 5 July 1998 every year... But then again with the at work, maybe Pat does release it then and we just don't know.

You know, for the first time in my life I downloaded something other than vanilla ... I took a gander at LiveSlak [AlienBob's Build] just to have a look at what up to date Slackware was like.... I have to say... I'm ready for it.

As soon as Volkerding gives the word, I'm downloading that sucker and installing it.

Look who got an ad in The Dobbstown Mirror! That's right, the Church of the SubGenius *WILL* take money from anyone! Even a low life anarchist like myself!

Saw this examle of true in the world timeline. Could help but post it here to help my brothers and sisters find yet more slack in their lives!

The mistress of chillin' and showin' the Pink Boys how to be a SubGenius.

There is so much slack in this photo, you already know she has masters the 3 Ps and has memorized The Book of the SubGenius!

Don't forget to get out there and vote for J.R. "Bob" Dobbs today!

Or don't... really it's up to you and how much you really want.

Some people just don't have a sense of humor.

That's why I hatefully worship "Bob" and his impossibly miraculous salesmanship techniques! Get your at

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I have a cat named Oola. is so strong in our household that her new nickname is 'Oozie the Floozie'

:jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd:

Just bought 2 more Fertility Masks from! Slack is Alive! in my community. One of them is for my neighbor who has really been needing some slack in his life.

Anyone reading this needs to get some more ! Go now and buy 7!!!

Since switching to software, I have spent a total of perhaps 3 hours modifying my system. Now I get on my laptop and just get things down.

I have achieved with this experiment.

Praise 'Bob'!


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