Be aware, I have spun up my own instance at

Thanks to @luke for his guide, @ademan for letting me ask him stupid questions

I'll keep this account active for a while because 'Bob' is my savior, but eventually that will be my home instance.

Yeah, my town spends $20 million a year on police... They bring in about $38 million a year in taxes.

I was a very happy user of elementaryOS for soooo long, but when focus shifted to Flatpak and when the ecosystem of the OS started making me feel locked in, I quit it and surfed the FOSS seas for a new distro.

I have 2 elementary T-shirts and a hoodie and 2 mugs, but all are sort of me looking back at before the project became sort of a mess in my opinion and regret my time spent on that OS.

These are my thoughts after reading this article:

Oh I hear you there. At my last job, I got so tired of hearing the same shit from a few of the workers. I wouldn't call them Nazis, but they def were white supremacists. It was so damn weird because i have lived more than 30 years and never met a real white supremacist, then found two in one place all of the sudden.

1.535.000.000 NEW smartphones were sold last year.... Same the year before.... Meaning... People are probably buying a new phone every year or so... Just think how many batteries that is that is going to waste.

In the interest of keeping Pepper&Carrot free, I've decided to take on subtle product placement.

In all seriousness, logically speaking, that does make sense. Dewormer is a targeted drug for attacking worms.. Perhaps they are able to engineer it to attack cancerous cell formations too

You take 'Horse Dewormer' for your cancer?? I'll just sit over here and die because Fauci.... Err.... I mean, 'the science' is laughing at you.

Just watched Midsommar.

I have to say, that was quite well done. Up there with Valhalla Rising I think, though not quite as artsy.

@brie I am just now seeing this... sorry. I have never seen verticle tabs... I will have to investigate that.

There is literally no incentive to comply.

Fuck the US govt

If the US attacks #Bitcoin in a way that you must report your holdings. Similar in the way that someone must report offshore accounts greater than $10k.

Do you comply?

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