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@bart @kerzenrauch right, though it seems that Pine64 has gone for Manjaro, I don't really trust the Manjaro team, so I use PostmarketOS as my OS layer.

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if I got a pinephone, would it just work

I see y'all nerds doing all sorts of Linux-y projects with your fancy, having a grand ol' time, and NOT complaining about how much money you wasted

but I hate computers and don't want to install like, OpenBSD or whatever. I just want security and stuff, I just use apps, I'm probably not gonna do anything too interesting. Ideally I'd have it all working within 4 hours of receiving the package, y'know. F-Droid apps, maybe Signal, but again, pretty basic stuff. Would that... work?

boosts appreciated, I am soliciting all opinions

@kerzenrauch no, a is still in the beta stages. It isn't quite ready for mainstream markets yet. But we nerds are the ones helping to develop this community built hardware platform.

Of all of them, keep your eye on as the OS for the phone. That one is developing really fast.

I honestly give it a year before it is usable, then maybe one more year before it is usable by the non-nerd.

After that, I think it will be highly preferable to other phones.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I believe it was a single city in Germany. But the thing is, China is developing this OS specifically for their uses, which is in their best interests since Micro$oft has actively developed telemetry software specifically for the CIA and NSA and integrated it into their OS.

TIL that plans to remove from their govt computers by 2022. They are replacing with Unity OS(based on Deepin Linux) which has been developed internally in the govt.

Maybe the next step will be to make sire that no PC sold in stores will have Windows? I don't like monopolies, but better than Windows, right?

@ringo I am through the prologue almost. After that... only about 200 pages left. But I already used Pandoc on my md file and it is already looking better. Also, the only epubs I've found so far are like 150MB

Mine will be under 90KB and won't have a weird double table of contents and a 180 JPGs. 😃 Just words. Beautiful words.

@cypnk damn, wired won't let me view their content unless I accept all of their cookies.

I wonder if there is a Python tool that scrapes the web and collates everything into basic HTML pages... I wonder if someone could write that. I wonder if I could write that...

Gonna convert it to a groff document and an epub and possibly a gemtext file. Hopefully.

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When you can't find a suitable epub version, you just make your own.

[Please don't tell me that it is too much work. It is a labor of love {or rather, self love}]

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the condition to watch a live bandcamp stream is a 'fan' account there (it's free), but I wonder how many of you have a bandcamp account?

(pliz boost)

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Some family members are camping out in Glen Rose TX today, and the wife are going over to visit.

That said, if you have any angry manifestos that you want me to nail to the front gate of Stang Ranch, email 'em to me.

In the meantime, imma gather up some pages from the Unabomber Manifesto, Atlas Shrugged, and a Gideon's Bible.

So the epub I found isn't great. I'm editing it all day today to see if I can't clean it up. I got it from archive.org.

Once I get a clean version edited up, I'll put it up on the site.

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I just discovered the @bookwyrm project, which aims to provide an #ActivityPub platform for reviewing books and share it with friends.

A demo instance can be found there: bookwyrm.social/

#Fediverse #Book #Reading #Inventaire #OpenLibrary #Library #FOSS #Libre #OpenSource

It's finally here! The next episode of

Triumphs of Democracy


also over on Odysee:


Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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