Alright, I begin my break from social media today. If found a cool android RSS feed reader last night, check it out.


Found some neat feeds with their search function.

So I'm taking a bit of a vacation from social media in general.

will continue, but you'll have to subscribe by if you want the latest and greatest from the club.

This is just an experiment. I'm going to see what it's like just getting my news from rss, in fact.

I have the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning to collect the best rss feeds, so shoot them at me!

What are your favorite tech and nontech feeds?

It's funny because I woke up this morning and my wife and I were just talking about this because I have to take her Jeep in for an oil change. Then I pull up my Fediverse and see this.

Car culture in the US is annoying. And the fact that in the US people seem to feel the need to buy a new car every 5 years... that just blows my mind.

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The State is said by some to be a "necessary evil"; it must be made unnecessary.
-- Benjamin Tucker

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New post: HPR3379: Linux Inlaws S01E34: The one with the intelligence, via Hacker Public Radio July 15, 2021 at 02:00AM

@cypnk oh yeah, mine's all metal, so repairs are a bit easier. I honestly wouldn't know where to start with frame damage. Can't really just replace the frame... I think that would be pretty expensive. If you had a 3D printer you could print one. 😃 but it may lose some of its aesthetical value.

@cypnk I had a an old portable Underwood. There are parts out there for them too. The slide on mine was bent and I was able to replace it for something like 12 USD

I'm sure I could have maybe bent it back to the right shape... but after trying once I gave up because the replacement was easy and fairly cheap.

It was also easy to keep clean.

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Tiny mini-PC shows off Rockchip RK3566 • 𝗧𝘂𝘅 𝗠𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

@iron_bug question, do you maintain the packaging for the libraries on your own? Or do you use Void's packages for that?

@iron_bug I can't argue with that at all. I hope I can find a way to do this as well.

@iron_bug I have long considered using Void. It might be better in the long run, but I also really enjoy how nothing is installed, basically, with Alpine. And from my Slackware experience, I am quite accustomed to compiling things now.

If I were to use Alpine on my RockPro64, though, that will require a lot more effort. Getting it to boot is quite a big deal from what it seems.

@iron_bug I will check it out. I just saw burns and though... well... that was fun.

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Just an FYI, I have deactivated my V2 Tor blog address. My V3 address has been live for a year now


V2 addresses have been deprecated for some time

@iron_bug in this case I think it might be a little late. The motherboard has burns on it. I am afraid I ignored the periodic issues for far too long.

@klaatu haha, yeah I am searching around for an AMD miniPC. I realized recently that I don't really need this beast of a computer that drinks up electricity like a fish to water. If I can find a low power mini PC I will be happy. Heaviest program I've used is gimp, I think.

Heck... I wish I could figure out how to get Alpine Linux on the RockPro64. I've already got a couple of those, and they are more than powerful enough.

@klaatu it's really too bad. But I have been reading about the Intel i7 7700K processor. It is sort of a fiasco.

@klaatu looks like it was a bad processor. It has never worked like it should have. With 8 cores at 4.2 GHz, 16G of RAM, that system should have been blazing fast... instead, it would hang all the time. In the end, I cracked open my case and there are like black burn marks in the motherboard around the processor.

All the power of my current rig has sort of been wasted anyway. I have reduced my RAM usage to less than 2G at the peak usage and my CPUs never spike above 30% on one of the 8 cores. (Technically sometimes I hit a bug where it maxes out 2 cores, but I won't have to worry about that since I won't be using KDE anymore for the main desktop)

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