If you have kids age 5-11, and it has full FDA approval, will you give them the vaccine?

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crypto bullshit 

monopoly. To do so would mean immediate forfeiture of your property, so we all stay connected for now. But we are planning to all disconnect soon when we get the money together to have a communally maintained geothermal plant built at the center of the neighborhood. We have plans, but I have been eternally unsure if bitcoin should be one of them.
@pettter @710libre - 2/2

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Naw, my idea of terrorism is rain barrels for my crops and solar panels. Refusing to comply with mandates, refusing to comply with tax 'law'.

Creating a community that rejects the state and the arms of the state.

In my community we already all grow our own food for the most part and everyone uses solar for parts of their electricity. It is illegal here to disconnect from the energy @pettter - 1/2

crypto bullshit 

Haha, I 100% support terrorism, to be honest.

My agorist leanings also make me tend towards the other things you mention as well.

crypto bullshit 

I mean, I own Bitcoin and use it. But I have been on the fence about it ever since it came about. It looks like a Ponzi scheme, but so far it has had a net benefit for me personally. I have avoided a lot of scrutiny because of it.

Now I'm locked in because if I sell it, I will get at least a 45% tax on it... which means I end up losing a lot.

In the end, I sort of wish I hadn't bought it because it isn't a sure thing.

I was better able to ignore them after I realized that all these people online (and elsewhere) who can't hold a conversation without bringing in Trump, or the Dems, or whatever, are totally Walter from The Big Lebowski inflicting their trauma on the rest of us.

"Everything's a fuckin' travesty with you, man! And what was all that shit about Vietnam? What the FUCK, has anything got to do with Vietnam?"

They deserve some measure of pity and a great deal of distance.

crypto bullshit 

What if a person's hate for the govt is so great that any amount of waste is necessary? Haha, I swear this is not a troll... I really do have such vitriolic hatred for the overlord class... that isn't just govt.

Attention, SubGenii of the United States!

Attention, SubGenii who through the use of a VPN can appear to be in the United States!

Every one of you can get a free library card from your local library. That free library card can bring you free movies. One of those free movies is...

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius (Sandy K. Boone 2019)

:jrbd: kanopy.com/product/jr-bob-dobb

Nope. In fact, most courses have allowed me to actually download all the videos... which is a huge plus for me. Offline access is really nice.

if you hate nfts because of money laundering i have bad news about real life paintings y'all

@eiZen I'm kind of gratified that my most paranoid anarchist ideas, all the dystopian horrors I've been saying "this is really cool but it should only be fiction!" have turned out to be real. I'm *not* crazy, it really was that bad.

The oil & tobacco companies really did know they were killing everyone. Didn't care.

I'm just waiting for UFOs to be proven to be organ-harvesting aliens, and the JFK report to say Nixon paid off CIA assassins who framed the patsy, and I'll be fully vindicated.

I wonder if Nelnet, my student loan servicer, accepts .... hehe... after that last surge in price, I have enough to pay down like 2/3 of my loans..... I'm emailing them now.... because I'd have to transfer it to my coinbase account, then take a huge hit via taxes before I could send them the stupid dollars.

I have had very good experiences with Udemy. And if you catch a sale, you can get the courses for super cheap.

Learned the basics of C and Python on Udemy. Then bought books to teach me more in depth.

I have fully given up on Nextcloud. Every time I've run my own instance I hit barriers. I hosted an instance on a VPS and ran into problems too. I have decided that I just need to figure something else out. Maybe a huge memory card on my pinephone to keep all my data with me. Hehe...

Oh yeah, good idea. I just saw it and thought, 'damn, that's lookin' goooood.' It'll be on itch.io for linux though? 😃😃

I will purchase. 😃

Is your game open source so that I could try to build it for Linux? I saw on your site that it was only on Mac right now. Just wondering. If not, that's cool, but will it eventually be compiled for Linux?

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