Show more is will suck you into all the content and disgusting beauty of Slack! Want shareware fonts? They got 'em! Want clips of weird stuff? They got 'em! Want all this stuff for free? Okay, just pay your $35 and become an ordained minister and use all the propaganda at you fingertips to spread the word!

Once again, this salvation can only be found at

You can now buy RISC-V processors in a similar format to the ARM devices used on Bluepill boards. Programming is supported on PlatformIO with a programmer like the USB Blaster.

#riscv #embedded

When he ran a second time, I voted for Luke Skywalker. I sure hope the conspiracy records those votes. Maybe someday they'll send me records of my voting history. That would be very fun. I could frame it. 😃

I vote the same way for local elections too. It's a lot more fun than voting for the weirdos that are running.

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I don't believe in voting. I think it's all a sham. But I've been thinking about voting this.year for Trump, just because I think it would be funny.

I don't like him. Don't like his competition. But this is a game where the votes don't matter and the contestants are chosen before the votes are cast, so why not have a little fun? 😃😃

In the past I have written in people like Elmo and Bugs Bunny.

When Obama first ran, I voted for Jean Luc Picard.

Hey folks, sorry the VPS my bot is hosted on went down in a... upstream maintenance? I never received an email about such thing.

Here's the missed comic.

2338. Faraday Tour

title text: I asked them if it was safe to be running tours during the pandemic. They said, "During the what?"


The ultimate in LUXURY PLAGUE MANAGEMENT, these J.R. “Bob” Dobbs face coverings protect you and those around you against the dangerous Hell Disease COVID-19 and Frankenstein Gangster Computer God 5-23G Hyno Rays, filtering regular PLAGUE AIR into pure CHURCH AIR.

The bandana you can get through the Church at


Kiddo's school is issuing all kids "managed laptops".

It monitors my kid & comes into our home? It's now in my realm.

Priority will be tech tear-down, show kiddo everything it's monitoring, then bypasses, how to game the monitoring metrics, fake the camera feed, etc.


@dredmorbius It's a pre-cyber arachnida counter measure to avoid mashup attacks like in xkcd/1530.

"Why do you always fixate on these bizarre details?" :-)

And there it is. You mentioned my favorite thing about Joe.

I'm not good at writing C, but I'm good enough to modify some stuff that someone else wrote to fit my needs. 😃

My version of Joe is my own. I have modified quite a few tiny little things that make it mine and I just love it.

THIS is why I love FOSS.

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@klaatu just started listening to and just want to say, Joe is probably my favorite editor ever. is the reason i found this editor and have loved it ever since.

Great episode!

GNU World Order Linux Cast: gnuWorldOrder_364

Just came up for air and looks like the #meowattack is taking out more and more databases.

Basically, person(s) are targeting unsecured databases exposed to the internet and completely nuking them. I.E. Deleted with just #meow left as a calling card. No reasons given, but I imagine it's some kind of internet vigilantism to get rid of exposed data before user data fall victim to scammers

This has BrickerBot vibes from a while ago where vulnerable IoT devices were being bricked

The superposition of slack is the compass to the universe. Follow it, and you will never be lost.

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