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The future of crypto in US is at risk.

The SEC are suing us and saying LBC is a security - it’s not!


I'm thinking about introducing a section of my website that will help my fellow discover the world of Free Software. What should this section be called? It needs to be something fun. So let me know. I assume to two dumb dumb options I am putting up here will get voted off this island, but tell me what you think.

I know I'm one of the huge fans of decentralization and all, but I also don't believe in throwing good money after bad. Don't pay for cable. It isn't worth it.

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People call in all the time complaining about their bill. I'm tech support, so I could shove those off on our customer service team, but instead I ask if they have a smart TV. If yes, then I say, 'well, you have Gigabit internet, so why not just cut the cable and use Pluto and when March Madness rolls around, get the app and watch it?

I don't know what the fear is, but most of them have a knee jerk reaction. 'No no, I can't do that...'

It sounds like mortal fear in their voice.

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I've been working for an for about 4 months now. I learned one very important thing. If you want a reliable TV experience, get rid of your cable and get TV. If you need your football or basketball, get the app and buy the pass. You'll literally save about $1000 a year and there won't be as much downtime.

Dirty secret is that we don't make any money on your cable TV bill. $200 a month for basic? Yeah, every penny of that goes to the . We keep it to keep internet customers.

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Anyone out there have any news feeds about ?

Asking for a friend who doesn't like subscribing to corporate news feeds in his RSS reader. :jrbd: :cnsp: :jrbd:

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The domain belongs to all members of the PINE64 community. Got a PINE64 project going? Did you write a #PinePhone app or hacked new functionality into the #PinebookPro?

You're welcome to share your ideas on our blog! Reach out to a mod in the chats or forum.

Got this book. I sort of know sed and awk, but for $1.22 I figured I could learn a little more. :jrbd: :jrbd:

Unless someone speak out against it, that's the one I'm going with. No more crappy free Usenet services for me.

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Found out I can subscribe to a few Usenet servers using . So that is definitely going to happen once my full node syncs.

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I am officially a '' now.

I can say that I own some. Right now it's just an experiment, but we'll see where it goes.

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How to setup with email aliases...

... anyone know?

My search results are not helping.

Uploading now...


Today I am just giving an update and de-rail my own thoughts by ranting about free software and what it means to be an anarchist and so on. Hope you enjoy!

also subscribe at:

About to start recording a new episode of

This will be sort of an update episode where we talk about my adventures getting the website transferred over to and the next segment of a book that we will read.

I say segment because the book I am pulling it from is massive. I will have links and all that, but it is a 5 volume set and the part that I really want to touch on is already long enough, the way it is.

Stay tuned for more info!


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Nokia Bell Labs has transferred Plan9 to the Plan9 Foundation. Editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 have now been released under MIT license by the foundation. Enjoy

#plan9 #9front #OpenSource #free #research #os #glenda #experimental #nonprofit

Question for Linux Geeks

Does Vim freeze my SSH session because the computer I'm ssh'ing *from* is the root account? Is that a thing?

Now that is finally working properly, I would like to thank @bleakgrey for creating the Pelican Theme for me!

I would have publicly done this earlier, but I screwed something up when I started converting my old site to this new Pelican site.

Now it it pretty! It scales well! The RSS is fixed. Everything seems to be honky dory!

So thank you BleakGrey for the hard work that I was too lazy and dumb to accomplish. :jrbd:

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