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Anyone out in the use ? Do you have an client preference? I've installed , but maybe there is something better? With better encryption support?

Of all the OSes, has, by far, the best documentation I've seen.

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"#XMPP turns out to be the most efficient contestant in this comparison: it uses much less CPU cycles and database disk I/O."

I have 3 www browsers on my phone because I can't decide which one to use.

by GrapheneOS

Fennec is the only one I don't actually like. But I keep it because I keep finding passwords saved there that I don't have in yet.

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We are in a society where the power is in the hands of those who are the worst breed of humanity.
-- Malcolm X

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Note to self.

When hooking up a new, fancy light switch, don't listen to YouTube electricians, no matter how much authority is in their voice.

Just blew my new light switch. 110 volts passed through the wrong circuit and the damn thing just about caught on fire.

It arced to my finger, but only singed me, didn't hit me like it may have looked.

One thing seriously lacking with is that it needs a more integrated way of dealing with files.

Sure, you have the CLI, but when I tried to download a background from a website, it opened this huge gtk window with the save button hidden offscreen'

It would be nice if there were some sort of popover to assist.

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I have to figure out how to configure a little better. But how cool.

I was sticking to before, but really jives with what I'm looking for in a phone UI.

I could see this being a good long term OS. So many scripts. No need for a whole program when you can just use a script. I haven't inserted my SIM card yet, but I will soon enough.

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also makes the actually useful on a phone. Even didn't make a terminal very useful.

I will continue my exploration and report in this thread.

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really rocks. Just installed the latest image on my . It is the cleanest and most responsive OS I've used so far. And the whole rebuilding of the concept of a smartphone is something near revolutionary.

Sure, it has a long way to go, but it is an awesome start!

I am going to be taking the next 2 weeks off from recording because I have a lot of things that need to be done on my days off. So this will be the last episode of this month, more than likely.

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I may have failed to mention the newest episode of

Live Your

You can check it out on

You can get it on

And remember, it is in the so do with it what you will.

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I rewrote the page on my site and named it e-Freedom.

Still don't like the name. But whatever.

You'll notice a stark difference.

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@herag some SubGenii would rather get a few thousand dollars pay for a few months, and some SubGenii would rather get hundreds of millions of dollars for years.

The only wrong way to be a SubGenius is to never send in your membership fee and JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius


I watched a 30 min clip of Rand Paul talking about wasteful spending.

The thing I thought of was, all of these silly projects that the govt is funding sound like cool projects for an open source community to study. Pretty much every study that was using $XXX millions was something that most of my friends in open source could easily accomplish on a few thousand and they would get it done in a matter of days instead of years.

Just think how the Open Source model could improve your society.

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We no longer like to think about bureaucracy, yet it informs every aspect of out existence. It's as if as a planetary civilization, we have decided to clap out hands over our ears and start humming whenever the topic comes up.
-- David Graeber

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