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Fuck Firefox

I'd been using Firefox as my media browser; I can't reasonably set Safari to show on all desktops, or risk it crashing from stupid movies & music, so I need a secondary browser.

Mozilla's constant disruptive updates are annoying, but they just added a new "trick" to Firefox:

Yes, they've added ads & spyware, and enabled it by default. If they're willing to do this kind of shit, the next one won't have a c

#Mozilla #www

"Some Orders to Stop the Spread of Flu (Not Issued by the State Board of Health)" by Louis Richard

The Republic (Columbus, Indiana)
11 October 1918, Friday
Page 1

Damn... my can buy a lot more now than it could a week ago.

@TheGibson also remember:

🇬🇧 English (traditional)
🇺🇸 English (simplified)

Today has been a pretty great day:
1. Pandora papers dropped, exposing politicians around the world hiding grotesque wealth
2. Snowden acknowledged the coordinated state war on cryptocurrency
3. Facebook took a poop

I think it's pretty clear that this experiment in Basic Minimum Income that we've been running in the US is a failure.

With no one looking for work because of their 'unemployment check', there is no one to do basic jobs.

Last week I had to drive to the big city 75 miles away just to get dog food because all of the stores around had none.

Enjoying my morning #coffee just as @klaatu called for a coffee break during GNU World Order. ☕ 😅

Compiling on my Asus Netbook.

Go atom processor! Go!

2 hours later....

Still compiling the the webengine....

I'm sorry, but I think NTFs are the dumbest things I have ever heard of. Trying to squeeze blood from a stone if you ask me.

Test post. W*rk provided me a spankin' new chromebook Friday and I wanted to make sure it could find it's way to
My phone shit the bed this morning so the timing is most benevolent, except for the part where I have to buy a new phone Sunday to have it for w*rk Monday morning.

So my server only stays up for about 6 hours at a time. The logs do not indicate that anything has gone wrong... it just shows that it is no longer online... I am beginning to wonder what the heck is going on here.

Just heard the on and realized that it has been years and that needs to change.

Downloading all of their albums now.....

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