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has a specific installation guide for ... I have an extra Alpine Linux box I'm not using and I think it is time for an experiment.

Seeing the hardware requirements, I think this box might be overkill, but I ain't using it for anything else, so might as well try it out.

If I carry the coffee across the room it spills. But if I give it a stir first it doesn’t spill. The key is not adding more turbulence but adding the right kind of turbulence.

The Church of the SubGenius IS THE RIGHT KIND OF TURBULENCE.

:jrbd: ☕ 🌪️

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How to set mutt to send mail 6 months from now


Mutt is delaying my messages, how to fix.
Mutt Rocks, How to Set it up
Mutt SendMail Errors

So, how do I delay a message from sending for 6 months? I have no idea. I thought it would be something with cron, but I am just not sure.

anyone have any ideas?

So far, my adventures with my X220 has been fantastic! It runs better than my desktop, which I built with 32G of RAM and an i7 7700k processor... which is a bit disconcerting. That means this ooooooold i5 with 4G of RAM is better. It just really makes my brain spin around inside my skull. I do not understand it. Other than the fact that there have been a lot of complaints about the Kaby Lake processors.

I now have gaps on my DWM.... had to manually patch it because the diff file is out of date, but now gaps are alive an well on my + install. Now... to get some transparency going.... those patches are behind as well, so they will need a manual input from yours truly....

The good news is, after all of this is done, I will have my own customized build of dwm that I can install anywher in the whole world.

And not the Pres in idiocracy, more like one of the peasants

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The President of the US is a character straight out of

It is hilarious to see it.

After listening to something similar to a sales pitch for , I have decided in my own mind that they are a complete scam. Heck... I'm beginning to think is sort of a scam.

Could someone educate me on why proof of work is better than proof of stake? I see people claim it is, but it doesn't seem sustainable to me.

I made a clumsy effort to modify this image so that you can decide for yourself who God hates next.


Today, James Webb telescope switched on camera to acquire 1st image from deep space.

I have never agreed with Drew Devault as much as I do in this article he wrote recently. Amen and amen!

What's neat about Toot is that it makes it easy to live inside my local timeline if I'd like, or easy to switch to the public or just go to my home. I'm a pretty big fan. Oh, and this is from my new by the way. Running and . Best combo ever. This thing runs better than my fancy desktop computer!

Hello from Toot. I wasn't going to use Toot, but alas, I broke down and installed py3-pip and then Toot. It *is* the best cli program for tooting on the timeline, I suppose. The TUI is a lot nicer than I remember too. So that's a huge plus.

#GoodMorning and #tzag.

Up and prepping some #coffee as I sit on the couch with my laptop. ☕ Hoping to hit the gym now that it's open again after the Christmas holiday because I need to undo the damage done from those days. 😅

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