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The is laughing at for the going out of control over there.

Meanwhile, in the US:

Prosody is free open source software for running XMPP/Jabber messaging servers. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @prosodyim

Their website is at

Prosody is an extremely popular way of running XMPP servers.

If you're looking for a complete XMPP system, check out the same developers' @snikket_im platform which includes server and client software.

#Prosody #XMPP #Jabber #Messenger #Messaging #IM #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting

I just learned that we might be stopping this horrible, self-abusing practice in the USA where we change our clocks twice a year.

This better go through. Even as a child I never truly understood it. When I found out it was bullshit from the start and all of the reasons were always bullshit, it made me hate the practice even more.

We'll be doing a little giveaway here on Mastodon with 5 pieces of the Aves 65 Hotswap PCB (blocker edition).

Simply PM us here or send us an e-mail to with a good motivation to why you're (or perhaps someone you care about is) in a need of the Aves 65 PCB.

We'll select 5 winners next week. You have until Sunday (3/4) at midnight (UTC+02:00).

(Winners pay for shipping using PayPal. That's all)

So apparently I can run a Exit Node fairly easily from my router.....

.... That's cool.

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One must be an authority on authority to authorize the authority to unauthorize all authority of the authorities - and one's own authority to authorize unauthorization. Anything less is tyranny!

Find out how by sending one dollar AGAIN AND AGAIN to...

The SubGenius Foundation
P. O. Box 807
Glen Rose, TX 76043
United States


Just finished setting up as my router. No more consumer grade routing for me! No more random ass data being sent to the megacorp data banks.

Now... I just need to get a Pro AP....

.... Anyone want to donate to the Herag Anarchivist Networking Fund?

I support neither socialist/marxist ideology or capitalist/keynesian/etc ideologies. They both promote a way out of responsibility and cast it upon a made up 'evil/dragon/demon'.

Although I was raised as an Objectivist, that too has a cultish nature to it that helps to shrug responsibility. I oddly find myself buying into the Kaczynskian model of philosophy, though he too has issues casting off responsibility.

In short. Live your life. Cast off your wagie chains and take on responsibility.

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I find it funny, though that to break the endless cycle of wage slavery, all a society must do is simple accept responsibility. You and everyone must take responsibility for your own life, for your own economy, for your own liberty. That is the singular most powerful thing you can do to fight against wage slavery.

This is why agorism as a concept was born. To fight against that which would enslave you.

If there's a singular principle to what is required by agorism, it's to take responsibility.

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If you work for a wage, you are a wage-slave, a wagie. Why are you a slave? Because you have no other obvious choice but to work for a master. It is under coercion that you work, but with the illusion of free will. Your actions are always directed.

How? You believe that you need a house. You believe that you need a great many things for life, but it is a lie. It is a ponzi scheme... all of life. This construct called capitalism is the prison you've been thrust into from birth.

@goatmeal Who know? I would not "invest" in dobbscoin, so to speak, but there it is for those who want to observe that it exists.

Instead, I would invest in JOINING...

The Church of the SubGenius


Forgot what bad internet was like until I logged into the free hotel wifi... 90kbps is probably the fastest that I can expect....

If you're a creator on here, what's your primary means of collecting funds/handling subscriptions? Doing some ad-hoc research. Please boost to maybe even help someone else looking for options!

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