Wife and I are doing a 40+ hour roadtrip soon. And we're needing some audiobooks. Shelly expressed interest in the old Asimov Foundation books (as she hadn't read them since high school), but I fear they're gonna be really dated now.

We've both read the Frank Herbert Dune books. Are any of those Brian Herbert sequels worth a listen?

And it doesn't have to be SF. Those old Ludlum and/or Cussler adventure series' are pretty fun. Anyone got a favorite that we haven't heard yet?

@johnhattan my podcast was made up of 15 minute episodes, totaling many hours. Some stand alone, some a series. Ppl say Scientology is the sci-fi religion but LDS was first, you might like “Undercover Mormon.” Unlike audio book, good natural breaks every 15 minutes. This link will forward to the files and transcripts…

@HMLivy @onan I read half of "Following the Equator" by Twain on a trip many moons ago. It's on LibriVox now, so we might finish that up.

@HMLivy @onan @johnhattan How about British comedy? Alan Partridge is a radio hero to me. It helps to have seen his other shows but not necessary.


You might be interested in my readings of SF so old it's gone beyond "dated" & out the other side. ("Two Planets" by Kurd Lasswitz, from 1896, for instance, was hugely influential among space-travel pioneers, but was not translated into English until the 1960s.) The hour-long "radio show" episodes are free, or you can subscribe to my Patreon & download the individual chapters for a mere dollar a month.


> We've both read the Frank Herbert Dune books. Are any of those Brian Herbert sequels worth a listen?

i read a couple, but only to confirm the general opinions - they're lightweight trash. i'd suggest listening if you're really bored and have nothing better to hand.

@Nikolai_Kingsley My wife is currently on the 10th volume of a series about teenage witches on her Kobo Reader. So "lightweight trash" is not really a problem.

Apparently there is going to be a TV series about the Bene Geseret, but I don't think it's based on any books.

I think she wants to revisit the Foundation series because there is going to be a TV series about it.


"Even if you have never read a Dune book, the plot synopsis of the latest Dune novel written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson should be enough to get your blood boiling: -


Sandworms picks up where Hunters left off: The no-ship Ithaca is still searching for a new homeworld for the Jews and Bene Gesserit, while Duncan evades the tachyon net of the old couple, now known to be Omnius and Erasmus. In the Old Empire, Murbella attempts to rally human kind for a last stand against the Thinking Machines. The New Face Dancers continue to infiltrate the main organizations of the Old Empire at all levels, having


also sent the gholas of the Baron Harkonnen and young Paolo Atreides to Omnius' capital, Synchrony.

Brian Herbert has not just tarnished his father's legacy, he has ridden atop a burning money train straight down the gullet of his father's dessicated corpse, exploding it in a shower of creepy sex scenes and lame multi-page descriptions of giant robots fighting. Burn in hell forever, Brian Herbert. I hope you slip and fall in that new bathroom.
- Zack Parsons

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